22" Tree House

by aljesterd Jan 26, 2017
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I don't understand how this is even printable. I see there are 8 makes so it must be, so what am I missing? This thing seems like it will take more filament for the supports than the model itself.

Anyone have orientation hints? Like for the Octagon, there is no way to even set it on the bed, it has a tree part stick out the bottom. Maybe laying on its side?

How many hours do people spend on support cleanup?

Alright! Let me start by saying that you sure are living up to your username!im guessing you’re new with 3D printing, just by your quistions. That being said! Yes it takes more support to print some of the files because as the discription, this is a college project and my priority is the outcome not the materials! If you think about it, having a support can distort the surface of the print. Let me guide you in case you decided to print this. For the railing, you don’t need support, just rotate the file by 180, same as the main deck! Print the spiral ladder , octagon , and ladder with 100% density and support. I’d just your speed to 95.roof needs support , but 75% density! For the walls add a support and 45% density!rotate the ladder, spiral stairs, and octagon for the best quality of finishing! The tree can be don’t for 45% some needs support! Make sure that your wall is at least .8mm. Please see for yourself that almost a dozen of people have already printed this. You can as well!

Has anyone been able to actually print this? I can only get tree parts to print. All others require way to much support. If you have been able to print please let us know your settings??? thanks

Yes! in fact, there are about 7 people who reprinted my design. I'm guessing you're new with 3D printing? both railings can be rotated by 180 degrees the same as the main deck!the rest will require supports.

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Very nice work!!

For those who printed it, is there a special difficulty i should pay attention on?


I'd say when it comes to the spiral ladder, adjust your print speed and density to be @ 100%.

Thx for the tips :)

Gorgeous Model. Starting the build now. Using Hatchbox Wood Filament. Building in full size from the model.

is there a top file or someone that has made himself one ?

awesome model though !!!


What piece goes on top of the tree?

This is absolutely beautiful. Wonderful job. You are very talented!

Sweet model!
All it needs now is some Ewoks :)

What material did you print this in? And do you have any suggested specs for printing it? (infill, layer height). Can't wait to start printing this.

I use wood pla filament from hatchbox. 30% density is good enough and I guess you can figure out which one requires a support. I would recomend a 10 inch minimum as height for overall.

Wow, great Model! I probably will not build it, but I'm very impressed!

What scale is this treehouse?

It looks amazing!

Would it suit 28mm miniatures?

I would recommend 120mm as a total height concedering the size of the railing and spiral ladder.

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Is this missing the main deck file?

No, click on "Thing Files" it is there, it is named "floor.stl"

Thank you sir!!!