Anet A8 Hot Bed Strain Relief

by jasonletchworth Jan 27, 2017
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Im printing in PLA with 3 fails I figure it out.The bed has to be 70 degrees and the nozzle at 220 degrees.It printed with no problem and no warping.

You should upload the model because your is corrupted and it isn't working in cura.

same, almost like its printing upside down but as supports....I am going to let it go to see what it makes. ill post back.

Support I made was done in PLA and after one 4 hour print and cooldown the support failed and warped in a downward motion that cause jamming. Had to be removed. It may work better with ABS but OP failed to state type of filament ussed. Recommend one of many "Under-Bed Chains like ones used on X axis.

Mine is printed in PLA. It did sag a bit but not bad enough to snag the frame. I'm guessing I have several hundred hours on it.

What material did you use to print this? It's resting up against the bed, so my my thought is that it will get soft and bendable. Have you used this with a bed temperature of 110 degrees or more (like for ABS)?

Used PLA. But I found out my fill-in setting was 20%. Should have used 100%
Reprinted at 85% fill-in and it has lasted longer.
But failed on 19 hour run.

The best solution to don't have problem is to use very flexible cable (like the one used in multi-meter probes)

I choose the "under-bed" cable-chain" www.thingiverse.com/thing:2001545 ...to really resolve my cabling issue. Along with Bi directional links from...www.thingiverse.com/thing:2223431 and www.thingiverse.com/thing:2232788 and www.thingiverse.com/thing:2208675
to make install easier as i don't need to disconnect wires from main board.

Anet A8 Y Cable Chain under bed
by LexDK
Open Cable Chain with clips bidirectional/bendable
Open Cable Chain with clips longer parts
Open Cable Chain with clips for Anet A8, Prusa...

Are there cables like those able to handle the amperage the heated bed needs?

That's the stock wires with sleeving over them.