Snap fit Amazon Echo Dot wall mount

by IMakeThisLookGood Jan 27, 2017
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works and looks great!! thanks!!

Is this for echo dot or for echo dot 2?

Since nobody ever replied... Yes. This mount is not deep enough for the first generation Echo dot.

Ha! Apparently my design is popular in Germany!

You're very chill about the theft of your work! :D You should report them to eBay for violating your CC attribution license.

I love this design. I'm remaking it in Fusion to fit my first gen Dot. May upload here so the Germans have both versions. And if I do I will attribute! ;D

Thanks for sharing this.

Doh! Just saw that @jasonatepaint already remixed for first gen! Oh well, I had fun and it's always satisfying to make and print something functional in F360.

I also had a few issues with one side of the print, I exported the stl for a closer look, it seems the design has been rotated by 1 degree, doesn't sound much but it means it wants to print one side firs and when it comes to the other side it is printing in mid air, I cleaned up the design and re-oriented it in sketchup, works perfectly now

Thanks for calling this out. I'll update the file and re-upload. The version with the screw holes doesn't seem to have this issue.

Trying this in both Slic3r and S3D it seems that there's a defect in the bottom right of the model; it seems to print a bunch of layers at the bottom right section first, before resuming all layers?

Same for me. Using M3D.

Fixed. The file was not leveled when it was exported. Off by about one degree.

Great thanks, printed 2....

Did the same thx, 1% bigger, 5% infill and a mat too, came out perfect. Just what I needed thanks.
Holes are about 6mm diameter.

This is mint! I printed it 1% larger with 10% fill and it is perfect. Thanks for sharing!

I'm glad you like it Evojsn! Do you have any photos?

how big are the screw holes in mm?????

how did you get it to stick on your wall????

I used 3M velcro strips. I'll update the model soon to include holes for flush mounted screws as well.

thank you so much!!!!
I'm printing it now!!!!!!!!!!!!