by 2ROBOTGUY Jan 27, 2017
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Hello, I like this design for a fidget spinner ; however, when I try to download it to Cura, I am told that my system (32-bit) will not support this, even when I put through the 7-zip programme. What do I do now? Do you have the software for 32-bit?

I can't seem to fit my 608 bearing in the middle.

This is the BEST fidget that I have ever made! Thank you for the great idea. Now, I don't need to spend $0.30 per bearing, but I now only need to spend $0.12!

How about a model with the top of the penny-holes covered too? You can just pause the print, put in your pennies, and resume to seal them inside!

Did you buy use a center bearing for your middle? Or is there anything else you can use?

Great job, My son finally has a use for his change bucket.

Did you buy use a center bearing for your middle? Or is there anything else you can use?

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Very nice work! Is it possible to make the bottoms of the arms a bit thicker? Seems another layer or two would make it sturdier.

I am having the same problem as DMC3d. The spots for the pennies are spot on but the spot for the bearing is too small for my 608 bearings. I would have to heat the bearing up a lot and force it in or something. My bearings OD measure at 22.08 and the printed spinner's hole measures 21.65.

Edit: Going to scale by 102% and give it a go.

I am having some issues with the tolerances with the bearing hole. Could you widen it up a bit, I am worried that with my luck I would modify it and throw it off balance. Thanks, David.

Do you use special settings in heat or temp or speeds? I keep having the bottom portion of the spinner split in to two (the bottom rips off or doesn't melt together when printing). It's like it doesn't get hot enough or moves too fast or something but I can't figure it out. I use MB PLA filament and all factory settings on the printer. Then have tinkered with just about everything. VERY FRUSTRATING!!!

What machine are you printing with?

Sorry - Makerbot Replicator 2

Hi. I'm a teacher and all of my students LOVE fidgets. We'd like to try 3D printing your penny spinner. I'm not sure what to do with the cap in the center. What gets attached? Can you explain in greater detail of post an additional video for those of us who are new to fidgets?

cap covers the pennies

I'd like to have my fourth graders design their own fidgets using different weighted objects to determine how weight and balance affect the speed and stability of the spin. Can you suggest any parameters for design, i.e., suggested specs for using pennies, marbles, bolts, etc. as weights? Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

This is a continuation of my last comment: Since 1 penny is 19.05 mm diameter, should hole be the same size? 1 penny is 1.52 mm in thickness, should the hole be 6.08 to fit 4 pennies or 7.08?

I'd do same size so there tight and u can always use an arbor press or hammer to get the weights in

I've made this and 4 pennies a side spins really well they just need to be tight or they will fly out at high speeds

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Thanks for the files. Why is the center plug different from the tri fidget spinner? Will the one below work?


What files do I have to download to print the whole thing?

I am about to print up a bunch of different spinner types in both HIPS and ABS. see which one I like best.

any chance we will see a quarters spinner? have the penny and nickle

Mind if I sell some of these to my friends?

No go right ahead. All I ask is you post some pictures on thingiverse of you completed spinners :-)

would be cool with a version of the penny holding layer to be in the center, so you can see the pennies on both sides

Thanks so much for the cap!

Thank you for making this design. Kids love these spinners and I prefer the penny version over the bearing versions. The new version of the center caps work well. I have to trim the inside a little bit but it's due to my printer and not the design. I printed it with wood PLA and it looks pretty nice. Might stain it tonight.

Is it printed to the right size or do you need to make adjustments

what size bearing do i need to get for this spinner

608zz bearing or 7x22x8x mm. Ceramic spins very well. Make sure you have the same sized pennies (some are taller/shorter than others.)