M.C. Escher Fish by M.S. Raynsford

by ScribbleJ Apr 2, 2012
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I used your thing to make a new thing. :)


another Escher, I'm in paradise! Thank you very much, it's an exquisite work <3

Love the design ScribbleJ.

One thing I did was combine 6 tiles in software, then mirror the design so you can use it as a base to make coasters:

Well, the original DXF provided by Martin Raynsford looks like my thing http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:19027http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

That's fine, but I want to see it market as a derivative

M.C.Escher fish


You say that M. Raynsford's DXF "looks like" your thing, and you demand to see it maked as a derivative.

It should be obvious to anyone that the similarities between the two are because they are derived from the same source material; M.C. Esher's famous drawing.

The reason I used M. Rayn
sford's work instead of making my own is I quickly discovered that M.C. Escher's original fish are not all regular, as you no doubt discovered as well when you made your design. It seems likely that you and M. chose different source fish and arrived at a different solution for proper tiling.

re is absolutely no cause to credit you for Martin's work, and your sense of entitlement over M.C. Esher's work is absolutely appalling. If Martin was inspired by your design, he certainly didn't copy it or use it in his.

It only takes a moment with a graphics software to verify the outlines o
f your fish and his fish are not compatible. I've taken the time to do so and am attaching an image here to prove it. The amount of difference seems like the amount I would expect had you both copied from the same source -- M.C. Esher's drawing.

If you still feel there is a complaint to be had
, you should direct it to Martin, who made no suggestion that this design was not created entirerly by him.

Looks awesome, I'm going to make one of these for my mother.