Duplicator i3 Camera Mount for Z brace

by A_Str8 Jan 28, 2017
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I love the design and printed one for my printer, however there are a couple adjustments I need for my particular setup.

(Webcam version)

I am using a bracket for the pulley and it hits it on the other side of the brace,

I also would like it to be much shorter. ideally just about an inch above the build plate so that I can get a better view of the nozzle.

Would you be willing to work with me on a customized design?


I can make a short version pretty quickly, but I don't really understand what the bracket/pulley issue is. Do you have a pic?

Do you have a way for me to share pics?


No, but there are plenty of free services online. If you post a link, I'll take a look

Hopefully this works.


I will try and explain what the photos are showing.

I added this to my printer: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1532408

So, on the inside bracket there isn't the clearance there used to be to have the inside vertical wall as tall as you have it.

I had to take a knife and cut the height to be .5 inches tall.

The front vertical can stay the same height as nothing comes near it.

You can probably see in the pics where I cut it.

So, if you wouldn't mind can you make a version that has these specs: (I hope you don't mind the suggestions)

1) Inside vertical wall 1/2 inch tall so that it clears the Pulley Brace

2) Height of camera tower from bottom to top where camera goes 3.5 inches tall
(This will put the cam at the same height as the bed for a straight on view)

3) The "P" shape that you have for the top of the webcam tower can be made smaller to save material and time.

4) Add holes or a big hole in the Horizontal plate to save time and material.

Any questions about what I am trying to explain just let me know.

I really appreciate you considering my suggestions.



Wanhao i3 Y axis bracket
by amkza

I uploaded a new version. It's shorter and has clearance for the pulley. I'm only doing quick changes, so you're on your own if you want other changes. Fusion 360 is pretty good for editing STLs

The P part may have gotten smaller due to the other changes. You can add holes if you want, but keep in mind that might use more material rather than less because you're adding more parameter area where there was infill before

Your rock!

Thanks so much!