lasercut 28mm flak 88

by hendrikdc Jan 28, 2017
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Now I need to find 2mm MDF!

the cutting company's website says it is too small, below 5x5 mm, i had to convert the svg to dxf for them to read it, so it might have gone wrong there, could you please tell me what the units are? could you perhaps upload it as dxf?

it's in mm, actual file is 450x300mm due to that being the size of my 2mm mdf sheets. i will try to upload as dxf later today/this week

file added.I hope this works for you?

It works for me, thanks
i didn't like the wooden crates or what are they? and the figure below it all, so i removed them from the drawing in autocad at work.
now i'm only left with the flak gun itself, its nice and cheap this way.
would you be okay to upload that version for others too? as i'm sure more people want the gun only.

is the file of the gun only(the little kit sprue) 120x88mm in size?

i'll have one cut soon

Hey, glad to hear you like the design. Make sure to upload a made version too! I hear what you're saying about the crates,i'm still not 100% pleased with them but think i will need 1mm mdf sheets to do some proper ones.
If i find some time i'll upload the single version though it's easy enough to remove them in inkscape

Hey, I've received the model in the mail today, cut all the pieces loose, could you perhaps upload something of a simple assembly guide? I'm having some trouble seeing what goes where


are the pictures uploaded here any help? are there any specific angles you would like to see?

Hey, I love this. the cutting company i want to upload this model to to get a price calculation doesnt support SVG files, could you please upload it in DXF? thanks

I'm cutting one asap, looks awesome!

If you can wait until this weekend I can upload the inproved version!

I can hold off :)

Updated! Note that yoy will need 2mm mdf!