Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

MK III Piezo Hotend z-probe for e3d v6 + Magnetic Delta Piezo Effector

by DjDemonD Jan 29, 2017
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Looking great and thanks for sharing your design. Two questions - which effector design would you recommend for use with Haydn's magnetic arms, based on your experience and what is the print cooling assembly that is seen in the videos?

I'd go for the 64mm effector with matching carriages, the wider arm spacing is slightly more stable, but the larger effector slightly limits your x, y build volume. In the videos I'm using this fan assembly http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1692742

Slimline Compact dual twin 30mm fan shroud for e3d v6

Thanks! From what I can see ZestyTech's implementation of the piezo sensor linked below http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2117069 is nearly identical to this design with 27mm piezo discs. I don't mind a slight loss of build volume in XY, at the same time I find your 20mm piezo disc design on http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2152709 to be somewhat cleaner and easier to maintain. So I'm hesitant as to which design would work best. Maybe a good solution would be to take the mk1_draft 20mm design and design an effector around it, mounting the groovemount version on an existing effector design doesn't seem the most appealing option in terms of stability.

edit: and thanks for linking the fan assembly, I somehow overlooked that design when looking for a decent integrated print fan/heat sink assembly that wasn't too bulky. Between you and jinx you really came up with a very nice solution.

Piezo Hotend z-probe for e3d v6 + Magnetic Delta Piezo Effector
Alpha Piezo Hotend Z-Probe Mini Groovemount/Titan 20mm piezo

I am using the Zesty version right now on my kossel XL, am thinking about maybe raising the effector by using some carbon fibre tubes between the piezo module and effector.

The 20mm one is really there for the i3's and titan direct drive users. However feel free to adapt it to an effector. The best way to do this IMO anyway, is to get the effector of your choice and then integrate the top part into the underside of the effector, or raise it a bit, and then print the clamp part to hang below with the 4 bolts and the piezo disc. This should be very stable.

One more question and then I won't bug you anymore :) which 64mm spacing carriages are you using? I may be having a Google-fu lapse but haven't come across any.

Yes, that's what I had in mind. Would you mind to publish the CAD files for the 20mm design, or at least the drawing/dimensions for the top part so I can get the hole spacing exactly right? Might design a 64mm spacing version and have the best of both worlds. TIA

Hi please see the comments for 20mm version http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2152709/#comments there is a public tinkercad link, you can at least size things up there.

Alpha Piezo Hotend Z-Probe Mini Groovemount/Titan 20mm piezo

Great, much appreciated!

Custom water jet cut aluminium ones. No I cant find any printed ones but they're simple enough to design. I'll ask Doug for his design for the water cut ones, either get some made or use it as a template to print some.

What's the distance between magnet centers on the effector please ?

I'll measure it tomorrow.

48mm there is another wider version which I believe is 64mm http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2117069

Piezo Hotend z-probe for e3d v6 + Magnetic Delta Piezo Effector