Tony Stark's Bluetooth Controlled Arc Reactor

by balassy Jan 29, 2017
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I have printed most of the files, and I am preparing to print the crystal ring. What kind of layers have worked out for you? And I noticed in the preview of my slice that the "LED Tubes" are free floating with my current slicing model. Did you make it so that the horizontal layers are thick enough to reach the LED Tubes, or did you just print them free floating hoping that they would come out useful?

If you print the crystal ring upside down, than they won't free float.

Absolutely love it! I've just finished printing it but i am struggling with the electronic side of it. Is there a page with step by step instructions for the wiring?

Thanks for the feedback!
Not step by step but this is the page we put together about the electronics: https://github.com/takacs525/arc-reactor
Is there anything special do you miss from this page?

Sorry for the late reply and thank you for the swift one. I was hoping to see the bottom of the pcb board to see what's connected where.

I see. Well the PCB as you can see on the photo is really "custom made". I recommend using the Fritzing diagram to understand the wiring, that's the authentic source. You can find it in the Schematic subfolder. Please let me know if you miss something.

How is the lower center ring mounted?
Plugs for the screws up or down?

With the plugs up.

The Caps Need some work! They have flat contact points which is Not that good on a round Part and are too small. The Rest is really really good Love it!

Do I use 3mm LED's ?

No, it is designed to work with 5 mm LEDs.

Love this design. I am in the middle of printing it for my son as a birthday present. Do You mind if I ask a few quick questions, as I am really new to doing the arduino side of these type of projects? How did you power this? I am considering making it with a wall plug, but I am unsure of how much voltage is needed to power the whole unit. I am assuming the LEDs are 9-12 volt, so a 24 volt power source should power the LEDs, the arduino and the bluetooth device. I am new to a lot of this so forgive me if I miss something that would normally seem obvious.

I'm glad you like it! The ICs are running with 5V, so I power mine with USB. Actually I cut half a standard USB cable, so I can connect the Reactor either to a computer's USB port or to a standard USB wall charger.

Hope this helps,

I'm in the middle of printing this now and loving the design! I was hoping you could give some advice or post a pic on how the 5v cable ties into the arduino and bluetooth chip. From the wiring diagrams it looks like the bluetooth chip ties into the same points that a normal usb/power cord soldered onto the arduino would.

Sorry, I didn't make more photos before I attached the cap on my model. The wiring diagram is the best source.

How do you assemble it?

The parts are snapping together except the middle ring which requires screws. The copper wires are just wrapped around the plastic parts and their ends are soldered on the back. Do you need guidance on any specific part?

Really nice and thanks for the custom designed files! Sorry for the newbie question, but where can I order the same size screws? Thanks!

Hi, Jon, you mean the M3×20 screws? Those are pretty common in hardware stores. They don't have to be metric screws as they are not screwed into a threaded nut, but they will cut the thread into the wall of a hole in the plastic, so you can use any screw in similar size. Is it what did you mean?