Universal Filament Spool Holder

by butchja Jan 29, 2017
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Good design.

I think best mounting setup would be like this:


... - just spacers
== - spindle
-- - threaded rod
o - nut
@ - bearing

I reviewed a lot of different versions, and found this one much better:

  • Spindle part does not require supports to print
  • Big inner (hole for rod) diameter, so we could pit nuts there to hold bearings with correct axial load
    (if you just tighten them like here -o@--@o- bearings could get side pressure and gets hard to rotate)
  • Bottom bearing holder have conical shape on inner side

Improvement suggestions:

  • It is worth to mention in description min and max spool inner diameter. For one of my spools it is too small.
  • It will be great to have "enbiggener" like in this version: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1241566
  • It would be cool to have rod cap like in this version: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2082483
  • For spindle - It would be much better to have conical shape on inner side on both sides, so inner bearing ring would not touch spindle
    This way, inner bearing ring is fixed on threaded rod, and outer ring fixed on spindle, so and the rotation should be without bearing's sliding over threaded rod.
Quick Change Universal Spool Holder

could someone tell me the inner diameter in MM?
Thanks alot.

the inner pipe diameter is 17mm

Hi!! My Spools have 75mm hole. Does this holder support that size? Most ones i've seen are up to 56mm spool size and i have printed 5 upgrades for my Anet A8 so far, no where near the knoldege necesary to modify them myself...

28-60mm is supported. You might print an adapter. Consider this spool holder does not fit the A8's acrylic part for spools. Check the remixes for shorter versions.

Thanks butchja!

Thank you for this file sharing.

Hi...can you make this one to fit 688 bearings?...as i have plenty of this type of bearings!thank you in advance!

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I put together a wall mounting bracket for this. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3117900 I ended up bolting my filament dry box to a wall with this feeding out through this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3115084 holding a Bowden quick connect. Easy to change spools and I can leave nylon spools in the printer without worry.

Wall mount for Universal Filament Spool Holder
Dry box Bowden guide

This is really wonderful! It printed beautifully and spins so smoothly.
I had some difficulty with my 608ZZ bearings, perhaps they are little too big. I threaded a nut onto my 5/16 rod, then seated the adapter against the nut. I seated the second bearing then another nut. Bu turning the two nuts with tow wrenches, I was able to press-fit the bearings with perfect aliment.

Thank you for the wonderful design!

Hola agradezco tu diseño esta muy bien, yo tengo un problema ya que el diámetro de mis carretes de pla son de 75 m/m de diámetro se me ocurre de hacer una tapa roscada para poder colocar el tornillo pero como podría realizar la rosca a la tapa que tengo diseñada me podrias echar una mano.

gracias a utilizo freecad

Sorry, I am not able to understand you, even with google translater. Could you ask your question in english, please?

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Can't get mine to look like the photo :(
Needs a lot of work to SCREW IT

Hey, do you have calibrated your extrusion steps/mm? It sounds like you have overextrusion

Thanks Butchja, how many mm should a newbie reduce the extrusion steps ?? Cheers Budda

File seems corrupt, please fix it.

Which one do you mean? Can not find any corruption.

This is great. Looking to print this next. Did you need to print with support or is it fine as is?

You do not need support structure.

Great, yet simple, design. Works even without bearings. (don't have them yet). Remixed version fits well on A8 stand.
Edit: simple fake bearings printed in PLA work just fine. For just 1kg spools there's no need for real bearings.

I have a Startt printer that will not print anything that tall. I tried to import the stl file into sketchup but it that didn't work. Would it be possible to get a copy of the CAD file that I could modify or could you supply a slightly shorter spool holder. Cutting just 10mm off the tall part would allow me to print it.


You should have a look at the Remixes e.g. here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2459115 . Maybe there is already a screw length suitable for you. But nonetheless I will upload the step files for everybody, no problem.

Universal Filament Spool Holder - Multiple Lengths
by ther00t

Thanks that is what I was looking for.

The Step files are now available!

Nice holder! I printed it for my Tronxy X5S. I'm still dialing my printer in, but this holder will aid my extrusion. Thanks for the file! Nice work!

Hello, I'm searching a shorter version. my anycubic filament holder is not so wide. please can you help me with a shorter screw. thank you for your help.

Hi, just check the remixes of this filament holder.

Hey butchja, thanks for the information. I´m new here and in the app i didnt find the remixes. At the PC i could see them. I found what i needed. Thank you and all the best for 2018

Great, happy new year.

sehr geil, einfach aber tippitoppi! :-D

Lifesaver, this is worth the shot! Thanks a lot man!

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hey dude.
is it possible to get a version of the screw which is only 110 mm long?


there are already some remixes with different sizes

This looks good but why is the nut on it's side? Wouldn't it be easier to print flat like the bolt?

True. You should print it flat side down. Just an issue of the model.

Edit: replaced model with flat side down one

i want to print this but all my spools are 60mm do you think it will still work?

No, the existing design will not work because the max. diameter of the Screw was 58mm. I say 'was' because I made a redesign for 60mm spools a few hours ago. My friend is going to upload the new design here tomorrow. The nut stays the same, only the screw design is changed.

Done, MK2 is uploaded. Feel free to give some feedback.

Do you print it vertically ? Cause I tried and it detached from the hotbed in the last centimeter height...

That is a shame. Yes, I printed it vertically. But I printed it twice, too. Because my filament tangled up in the last centimeters. My part stuck well with standard yellow painter's tape. Maybe you move your hotend closer to your bed. Or you might add some brim.

What is Brime?... I used gluestick and wide blue tape... seems to work for me so far..

Typo, edited. Brim or raft was meant.

Not overly familiar with those terms either (