Geeetech Prusa i3 M201 Top Plates w/ Bearings for Lead Screw Upgrade

by BG32940 Jan 29, 2017
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i have this printer and was going to do the same, but further research led me to leave the threaded rod free, redid the couplers to ensure a gap from the motor shaft and lead screw. Working pretty good now, the risk with putting the lead screw into the bearing is that it can make the z wobble worse instead of better. Many of the prusa style printers leave the lead screw free up top. Just my 2 cents on this.

I ended up pulling the bearings too, just for this reason. The lead screws kept binding due to not being 100% straight. I also found that the M201 firmware is proprietary and only available in HEX. This is preventing me from setting the proper steps per mm for the Z-axis lead screws from 2560-steps on the threaded rods to 400-steps for the lead screws. Unless Geeetech can provide me with a solution, I may have to switch back to the threaded rods... However, they are out for the Chinese New Year until Feb 5th so I don't expect a response until they're back. In the mean time, I have started work on a Prusa XL using 2040 V-slot linear rails and an 800mm heated bed and working through the Marlin config to go on an Arduino Mega and Ramps 1.4 board. I'll post a new project once I get a bit farther along.