FSR Mounts - Rostock Max V2

by DodgeDerek Jan 29, 2017
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Great part but you need to nail the print quality here or the plugs definitely won't fit. I redesigned them to compensate for a very tiny 2% overfill on my machine and got them working.

Only problem is I have a Romax + repeteir and I cannot for the life of me get the printer to understand it has FSRs attached... how is this procedure done? There is ZERO documentation online.

Also an M4x10 right through the plug will screw in nicely to the melamine snowflake.

these are amazing. no more tedious calibration -- the duet does it for me, thanks to these mounts!!! thanks so much for sharing!!!

Thank you for your share! I was trying Eclectic's advice of just gluing the fsr and pads to the base, but I've gotten bad results.

What is the offset between the Tricklaser mounts and the originals? I'm going to have to drill the Tricklaser base and I'd like to do it as accurate as possible.

Nevermind, using my brain I found out it's 3/4".

Yes, it was 3/4". Glad everything worked out for you on it. The make looks good.

@DodgeDerek, did you screw the plug with the melamine ? Or the melamine is just sit on ?

The screws from the bed go through the melamine and screw into the plugs. Remember the holes in the plugs are off-center to allow for a concentric adjustment of the plugs to help make sure they move freely.

Ok thanks @DodgeDerek , and two more questions, Did you ahve any problem when the bed its hot ? I mean the bed can still move freely ?
And dont understand the first picture, did you put one silicon pad below the FSR ? It looks like.

Thanks for sharing this, it's exactly what I needed for my FSR conversion! Just curious though, why are the holes in the "plugs" off center?

They allow for adjustment to help handle any positioning issues. Just a way of getting a bit of play to help make sure there is no binding. Rotating clockwise will effectively move the mount further away from the center and vice versa. Hope that answer makes sense and good luck with it.