Triceratops prorsus Skeleton

by rowiac Jan 30, 2017
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You have a mesmerizing array of designs. This one is my favorite because I love Paleontology. :) <3 Thanks so much for posting this!

A very good model. But the parts aren't sliced well. So many of the pieces are at such an angle that they are impossible to print. And some bones, including the skull, just seemed to be overly large, and better off made into multiple pieces.

The ribs and the orientation of the structures make this model a good candidate for SLA printing. I do not think that this can easily be completed with a FDM printer.

If this were to be easier to print, the upper and lower jaw would be one piece. Next the horns could be flat on the build surface and the neck cover would print as one piece. The spine should have two holes on each side to plug the ribs into. The legs should be printed with the ground cover going up to the knee for all four legs. The thighbone should have holes on each end, the hip looks like it would be able to printed flat. I am not a cad person, but if I were that is what I would like to see in order to print this.

Where do people get these designs? I assume they aren't crafted by hand.
My son wants a Spinosaurus which is why I ask :)

I'm trying to print it now. The ribs are very difficult. I've never had this much trouble with a print. However, I am printing it at 80%. That might be whats causing me so many problems.

I printed the skull and jaw on my Flashforge Creator Pro at 60% size using the default PLA settings. I let the Flashprint software create auto-supports, but removed those in difficult to reach places (eye sockets and sinuses) before printing, and it worked very well. I wanted to use the stand that Aolshove has posted, so I made a simple socket in Tinkercad, which I glued to the final print. The model is too complex to load into Tinkercad to edit, but it printed well. The jaw required a lot of filing on the pins to hold it in the skull, and I recommend putting some glue on them after you get it to fit.