Star Wars Imperial Assault - Figure Squad Base

by OntologicalShock Jan 30, 2017
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These are awesome! Printing them to use with my Starship samurai game an maybe a few others. By chance would you consider add some with more pips?

For those interested I remixed these with pips for 5,6,7, and 8 here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3615087

Figure Bases (5 - 8)

plus 1 to Apoc-X. These are fantastic, and I would love rings for the e-web engineer and the for 4 base figures (Nexu etc.)

Any chance of making these for the bigger figures? E Web and the likes. These are great!

Would you make one with 5 pips?

These look great and will fit all bases outside of the E-Gunner and that annoying jumping tiger cat thingy!

I'm curious, is there a squad in IA that contains four units?

Do you have any other designs for IA in mind? like terminals and such?
Thanks for you bases, they look awesome, I cant wait to print them.

I actually started working on my own version of these; square with embossed numbers, but I'm thinking yours are superior. Well done sir.

I would love to see that design though! Mine are a little wider than the grid squares. If yours are closer to proper, that would be great.

Finally got around to completing my design. Let me know what you think:


Star Wars Imperial Assault Squad Bases

Sure! What I did is actually make them fit the square grid exactly, but carve out the hole for the base so the outer edges of its circle is flush with the square, if that makes sense. I'm thinking of using your idea of pipe rather than numbers though to make them more universal.

These look great! ProtoParadigm sells mini spools of PLA in lots of colors for $5/ea, which would work great for turning these out in squad colors. For opaque filaments, you can sometimes draw a line of black sharpie on the side of the filament before it goes in to give it a darker tint or cool striations. Quick 'n' easy color variant.

I spent dozens of hours on my own printable 4-piece twist-lock base system for IA figures trying to work around the tolerance issue with PLA parts. I recently got my hands on some Sainsmart TPU that sells for cheap on Amazon, and oh man is it nice to just print things a tad small and let them flex over the bases. Since TPU (shore hardness 95A) is only semiflexible, it even feeds through my bowden extruder. I highly recommend some kind of semiflex material for parts like these.

EDIT: I realized this comment might sound a little salesy; I'm not affiliated with anyone, I've just spent a whole lotta time on this problem myself and I wanted to point to a couple of my favorite shortcuts for reducing frustration and making a good-looking kit.

Nice! Thanks for all the info!

Great design. Much better than my originals. I'm going to move over to these as well, thanks!


I love this idea - an excellent solution to squad identification.

However... I printed off a test piece in ABS on my da Vinci 1.0, and the figures don't fit in the base. I guess I'll increase the scale, and try again?

Hmm, I tightened the interior diameter to 24.9mm as my first run at 25 weren't very tight. I'll make a revision back up to 25mm and do some further testing. Thanks for the feedback!


I increased the width and depth to 103%, and left the height the same, and it turned out fine (I'm using Simplify3D, which allows me to change individual axis for scaling). Just enough friction from the layers to keep the base and miniature together when you move them, without doing any damage to either when you remove the figure from the base.


I'm glad you were able to work around your fitting issues. I didn't have my game pieces handy to test my prototypes against until last night, but — at least in the case of my particular Imperial Assault figures — the v2.7 bases with the 24.9mm inner diameter did fit very well and were tight enough for the bases to hold on when the pieces were lifted. The 25mm inner diameter test prints were loose enough to fall off several times when I was moving them.

I think I'll release a v2.12 at 25mm (as I have widened the hole in the bottom as well in my most recent iteration) and a 2.13 back down to 24.9mm as options.

Thanks for your feedback and print experiences!