Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

D-Bot rails

by MrBlom Jan 30, 2017
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What's the length of your 2020 x gantry rail?

in this version all rails is 400mm

I'm referring to the aluminium extrusion :p

Okay, thanks a bunch :)

ahh sorry
2 sec I will measure it

hi, just assembled structure surprised very large opening of the bolt (5 mm) under the pulley, even with several washers much backlash. But I see in the new version you fixed it. It's great.

Hello .
sorry i uploade wrong version
its made for a m5 and stronger pullys
let me know i you need any help
also you need to drill a hole in the back for one of the ned stop

Now i looking for a small screw m3 for fixing to the rails (4 hole per rail) . I do not know how strong the wall of a petg is in a millimeter, I hope it survives.

should be no problem have using mine for months now
i did get a crack before but not there it was in the corner where to top and bottom meets

Hello, I plan to make this printer and I liked your modification. As I understand it you need 2 slider on the carriage Y and in the middle for the attachment of the extruder, but you have there a direct feed, i need a adapter or original mounting base for Bowden fit? And only one nuance with endstop (holes like on your photo)? There is no longer the parts? Thank you

I only use one slider per rail

there is no Bowden version right now
I thinking of do one soon if you need it

Thanks for the quick response, is currently in the process of ordering and BOM printing parts, if you are not busy and have free time for creative work - I will be glad to use your project for Bowden. But I do not want to force you ...

I just order a https://zesty.tech
so I will need to do a redesign soon anyway :)

Great! Wow, what is this?) The difference between Bowden just gear on the carriage? Or in the mechanism is small motor?

if it works it will be like a direct drive but light as a Bowden

ааа,I understood., flexible drive, as a modification to the Dremel (engraver)...not cheap)

Where did you get your clones from? Can you link them? Also, did you try the V-wheels previously? If so, how do the compare the two?

I am thinking of redesigning a new enclosed version of my C-bot, but not sure if I should stick with V-wheels or switch to linear rail. Pros for V-wheel: cheaper, quieter, more forgiving. Pros for linear rail: potentially higher quality (more precise), one sided aspect is good for an enclosed printer.

aliexpress mesed up my order whit the wheels
thats why i did this versions
I have not the original version so I can not compare them
also the rails is from aliexpress but I got the from a Swedish reseller
so I don't know exat what aliexpress seller that have them

Are they pretty smooth and quiet? Can they be mounted vertically instead of horizontally?

Are these MGN15s?

yes they are smooth but you need to clean them and lub them to make them run good
check youtube for tips
the once I have is
"MGN12 12mm miniature linear rail slide 400mm + MGN12H carriage"