Shoretrooper Helmet Split Up

by Hannoc Jan 31, 2017
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i would just like to know wear about does part 1 and 2 go on the helmet

Does anyone know how to make 09.Back_Cap_L_1 to fit in cura this is the only piece i cant get to fit on the build plate

Is this his mark 2 helmet?

I found a fix for the missing files. To print the missing parts

  1. Import the files with missing parts one by one into meshmixer
  2. Delete the part you already have leaving only the missing one
  3. Export the missing part in a separate STL file
  4. Go to cura and open the file with the missing part and also open the corresponding missing part file

Extra Steps (if you have Simplify 3d)

  1. Insert both files
  2. Create a group
  3. Export the new group and replace the old file
  4. Repeat for every file with missing parts

Cura Cant see all The parts for the 04. Visor files can can someone split the parts for me

the files cura has a problem with are:

I have already made stl files containing the files that cura cannot see. let me know if you want me to send them to you Hannoc.
It's basically all the files with more than one model in it. For some odd reason the 17_-_Cheeck_RightSplit and 18-_Cheek_Left_Split displays correctly in cura.

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Weathering looks good.

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I printet file 1-4 . 4 parts in the files

missing 2 parts

and the right side from Visor (2 parts)

Just downloaded the files off Thingiverse and they are the same as to ones on my computer 36 .stll files including the full helmet.
I double check
01.Dome_Center_1.stl has 2 parts
01.Dome_Center_2.stl has 2parts
01.Dome_Center_3.stl has 1 part
01.Dome_Center_1.stl has 1 part
which is all the parts for the dome

04.Visor_1.stl has 2 parts (right hand side with the symbol on it)
04.Visor_2.stl has 2 parts (left hand side)
which is all 4 parts of the visor

All the parts are there, I printed the exact same files and got a full helmet, I sorry but you must have forgotten to print something as another user has printed it and never had missing pieces.

the version i just downloaded just now only has 1 part in 01.Dome_Center_1.stl.
same with dome center 2.

I might have found something out. If I open dome center 1 in cura there is only 1 file. if i open it in blender there are 2.
It might be a good idea to split it into 2 seperate files.

Hi, at the top of the head is missing a whole piece.
Can you fill the missing parts?
And the rights page is not there.
I put a photo of the vacancy

Just checked and all the parts should be the files dome centre 1, 2, 3 and 4. there are 6 parts.

what material should i use?

Hi, what did you use for a lense? Thanks!

I cut a piece of plastic from a face shield I had laying around and tinted it with some car window tint film.

Hello Sir,

how do i put the parts together? I´ve already printed most parts but can´t figure out how to assemble the side and back parts.

kind regards

They should all just glue together, I used super glue and hot glue, If you are having trouble with the part "Back Cap R1" I had to trim the corner off the top of the bottom tab to make it fit properly.

This looks familiar...

thats because its a remix, I just split it up to fit my print bed, you can see the original source things in the thing details tab.