Yet another Tiny Whoop Case and Battery Holder

by jperrigo Jan 31, 2017
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Works absolutely fantastic for my UK65. Loved it. Possibly the best compact design I've been able to find.

However, I've transplanted to a 75mm frame. Would it be possible to get an expanded version that supports a BetaFPV 75x?

I made this case for my tiny6, it's the best model out there by far. Now i have a Mobula7 and i would like to use the same model. I don't like the other models because of the battery stacks. Do you mind if i change youurs to fit 75mm tinys?

Looks like @matkins99 already has some great remixes, and covers the 75x and 85x! https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3133753

Betafpv Beta 65x 75x 85x case for 8 batteries

I made a tool tray for this case, https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3140388 , thanks a lot for the box.

Tools tray and charger stackable case for Tiny Whoop Case, ur65, etc.

Upsizing the top 1.005 made it fit perfectly when printed in PLA.

Iv up sized it to 130% for fpv plus an 550mah hv batteries.

Can you tell me the inner dimensions of the case? I want to make sure it fits my cockroach frame...OR, if you happen to know if it fits the cockroach frame, thats even better,

I don't have the model with me, but I measure the inner width of my case and it measured out at 84.5mm. I'm not sure what the size of the cocroach frame is, but if it is close to the inductrix it should fit.

Great, it looks like the roach should definitely fit then

I know I'm late to the party but I just have to say, WELL DONE! I love it! It's not often that I can print without modifying the original file to suit my needs. This is a slam dunk. Thank you.

Thanks, glad you like it!

Would it be possible to make a base for fat batteries but non-stackable?

Sure, I just uploaded one. Its called Whoop_Case_With_Batteries_Base_FatBatts_non_stackable.STL.

Cheers buddy :-D I literally just printed the stackable one, I guess my printer will be busy for another few hours ;-)

I just printed the fat bat one at 98% and the 200mah 35-70C nano-tech fit perfectly! Thanks a lot :)


does this fit 255 HV mylipos?

I believe they will fit in the slots just fine, but those are likely a bit long for the lid. Scale the lid in Z by 5% or so and I think they'll fit fine.

I've added two new lids that are 6mm taller now, so they should accommodate even the long batteries.

the Lid is not tall enough to accomodate the tinywhoop HV 255mah batteries.
these batteries are 66mm tall. Just fyi.

Thanks for the heads up. You can scale z to make it fit, but at some point here I may add a taller version of the lid for those.

I've added some longer lids now to accommodate the long batteries like the tinywhoop HV 255mah.

I like the case and want to print a "Fat Battery" version with a stack able base. In addition, I want to put text on the top. You say you have allowed thickness for this, but how do I add the text? If I can open the STL in a program and add text, what do you suggest?

I would suggest opening the stl in Tinkercad then adding the text that way. If you haven't used Tinkercad just watch some tutorials and you'll see pretty quickly how it works. Essentially you will rotate the lid so the top is up and make that the work surface, then create a text object that you will set 1mm to 1.5mm deep into the lid. Then you'll make the text object a "hole" so it subtracts itself from the lid. There aren't many fonts in Tinkercad, so if you don't like what is available or you want a logo of some kind then I find it is best to create a black and white image of the text/logo. You can then upload this to selva3d.com and it will generate an stl of the shape. You can then import this into tinkercad and subtract it from the lid the same way you would have with the text.

Trying to print the base but I keep getting this weird issue - it keeps stopping every 5 - 15 minutes and the LCD says "waiting for user" and i have to click the OK button to keep going. I'm assuming this is because I am printing over USB vs with an SD card or the like?

I've never run into that, but I always print from the SD card. I would make sure you are on the latest version of your slicer, and also try with an SD card to see if it repros.

Im printing the Stackable case now,Im new to printing but it's been printing awhile now and has much longer to go,But It looks like it's only printing 4 battery slots? Not sure if this is normal or not?

To save on printing time and filament the pieces that separate the batteries are only about 1cm tall, so they won't print until it gets near the top. If you rotate the model around with Thingiview you can see it.

Thanks! Came out Great and everything fit Perfect! Great Design and Thanks for the File!
I was wondering if you could thicken up the top of the lid part,I tired to inlay a name in it and it worked pretty good but think it would have came out better if it was a little thicker and I would be able to get the name in deeper,Thanks!

I've added a new version of the lid that has a 3mm thick top to allow for deeper embossed lettering. I did a test with 1.5mm deep text and it came out really nice.

Love this design. Makes much more sense to have a slightly bigger case rather than a separate case all together if you're going to be carrying that many lipos.

Can this fit an eachine whoop?

Yep, works with the E010 and the inductrix. I checked both.

Does the lid have enough room for the cloverleaf style antenna?

Yes, I tested with a Tx02 with cloverleaf and it has room.

I printed it this week and it works great!

I do have a feature request if you have a chance. It would be really nice if you could make the base have an inset along the bottom as it does along the top so you can click the lid onto the bottom of it.

The top is currently 2mm thick and I think I usually use around .7 deep for the lettering. I was going to try to make a version in OpenSCAD to allow people to tweak the height, top thickness, and wording, but so far I haven't been able to make it work. I'm new to OpenSCAD and the radius's on the corners are not working out the way I expect. If I get that figured out I'll post a customizable version.

Good idea! I've uploaded the new base, called "Whoop_Case_With_Batteries_Base_stackable.STL". Thanks for the suggestion!

Can you modify the battery slots to accept HV batteries. The dimensions from the TW Box I'm using now are 12.8mm x 7.3.

I'm using the TinyWhoop HV 205mah batteries with the PowerWhoop connector and they fit fine. Which HV batteries do you have that don't fit?

They are 250mah HV batteries from racedayquads. I'm currently using http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1637219 , it has a file for the "fat" batteries.

Tiny Whoop Logo Case (Inductrix)

If I get a chance this weekend I'll take a look at making a fat battery version.

As an Interm solution I scaled the thing up 115% in Simplfy3D. This made the battery compartments large enough that the "Fat" batteries fit. It's not a perfect solution but it will do till you have an opportunity to modify the design. Thank you again for the great design.

I've uploaded a new version that has 7x13mm battery slots but with the same outside dimensions so the same lid fits. I'm hoping this is large enough for the larger batteries as I didn't want to increase the case size but didn't want to make the walls too thin. I also added some stl's for checking battery size before going ahead with the full print. If you get a chance take a look and let me know if it works for you. Thanks for the suggestions!