3D Christmas Cookie Cutters

by asbeg Dec 19, 2013
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Hi Everyone!
nice work asbeg!
I have a question for those who print models for use them with food: You do something special for print them? Who do you know your PLA is safe for food?

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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Hello and thank you for your creation
Have you think about making the objects higher and make the edge thinner to better cut the dough.

printed these love them... but ive noticed on most of them the shells dont meet at the cutting surface making it so dough can fit between the cracks. tried printing with 4 shell helped but didnt solve the problem.. i will say i have noticed in many of the pictures of peoples cutters have the same issue..
thanks for the design!!!!

Try increasing your extrusion width to 0.48mm (usually the default is 0.40) That eliminated the problem for me..
In Simplyfy3D you can also set the extrusion width to "Auto" which also will do the trick.

I print them with 2 shells this way.. works every time.. (0.4mm nozzle, 0.3mm layer height)

Doesn't work for me. I tried that and in addition every gap fill setting I could find. No way. I printed them last Christmas, found them a few days ago inbetween some kitchen stuff and gave them a new try. I'll redisign them with thicker walls and a cutting edge of original size.

ill try that i alredy print at 2 shells but ill try the extrusion setting. im using maker ware so i guess i need to use a different program

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This is awesome! Did you print these in ABS or PLA?

PLA. I don't think abs is great for using with foods.