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by toolson Jan 31, 2017
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This is brilliant, contrats!

Woow!!!! these needs to expand as a generic surface grinding, in ther right hands this opens up a new field of precision hobbist manufacturing.

Woow, sehr coole Sache, danke.

Hallo toolson
Ich hab eine etwas andere Aufnahme an meinem MKC MK2. Wäre es möglich eine Anpassung zu bekommen? Oder die original Datei? Danke dir

Hast du schon was für den MKC MK2 gemacht?

Ich schau mal ob ich die source dazu noch habe.

Das wäre suppi

ingenious, thought about something like this but never really went forward with it, could also be used for more than just bed refinishing.... really could use it as a cnc surface grinder(sander).......

could you make a version which is 10mm longer in Y-direction ?
i cannot reach the front of the bed, removed the endstop but the belt tensioner hit the Y Motor.
tried to edit the STL but with he rounded corners this doesnt work.

Hast du keine Unterlegscheiben zu Hause? ;)

Hm, es war schon spät!
aber ja dass oder eine Adapter Platte - lässt sich machen.

BG Jörg

Do you have a link for the FR2 you are using?
Are you printing directly on the FR2 or still using hair spray or something else?
Do you have more information how your heatbed is build (which components)?

... no hairspray or similiar ...


Do you have a link for the FR2 you are using?
Do you have more information how your heatbed is build (which components)?

Thanks. I didn't no FR2 was the same as Pertinax.


gibt´s schon eine passendes .gcode dazu? :D


Ist ja nicht gerade schwer zu erzeugen:

  • vollflächiges Druckobjekt erzeugen
    1. Layer slicen
  • z manuell im gcode verschieben
  • gcode mit abnehmender Z-Höhe immer wieder kopieren und einfügen

Habs so gemacht:

for i in seq 0 22000; do printf "G1 X250\nG1 X0\nG1 Y%.2f\n" bc -l <<< "$i / 100"; done >> "schleifer.gcode"

oder etwas fixer und eleganter

perl -e 'for (my $i=0.0; $i <= 220.0; $i += 0.01) { printf "G1 X250\nG1 X0\nG1 Y%.2f\n", $i; }' >> "schleifer.gcode"

koppiere ich die zeile so wie sie ist in den g-code hinter M117 start printing?

wie genau und wo genau trage ich das in meinen Gcode ein?
tut mir leid ich blicke da nicht so ganz durch.

wenn ich in s3d ein vollflächiges objekt erstelle macht er den infill auch immer diagonal....
wäre super wen du mir da helfen könntest

Comments deleted.

So ist es natürlich noch eleganter.

Let's just grind it away, that will fix it..

ha - interesting/clever!

Do you set it just x direction, or code for y direction too - to get a more even sanded surface? Maybe even some circular patterns for a final rub?!

How has the new surface been working for you?


The mechanical load while grindung is stressing the printer more than just printing.
That is why main grinding direction should be in X.
You can see in the video just a slow motion in Y.
I think this optimum process for coarse grinding.

Grind movement should be fast as possible.
Movement in Z- as minimal as possible.
Take some time and you get a really nice and perfect flat print surface.

The finish grind should be done in other direction, circular or something else.

I made this because many people have trouble with bend chinese MK3 heatbeds.
Mine are fine and i can print the hole surface without any trouble.

Since some month i am using grinded FR2 sheets as print surface. I can just recommend them. They are cheap and you can always rework them with a piece of sandpaper.

Echt clever...oft ist einfach, einfach besser. :)

That's one way to level your print bed ... :))

I never thought of my printer, as it could sand the printing plate! Very clever idea!!!

A neat example of "out of the box" thinking ! :)

Thanks. What an honor - #BenchyCreator