by DFX1985 Feb 1, 2017
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Hi, awesome work.

If I may, I made to small pins to use instead of bolts, it works very well. If you are interested I can send you the stl to add to the files.

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I added a remix of the stem, as I found it too short for me. Thanks for the original great design.

I'm really struggling with the leaves - any advice or settings I should use? I'm a bit of a newbie but was able to do the rose head and stem. Now I'm just stuck on the leaves as they keep trying to print in the air. I see you used a raft and supports but Im not sure how to do that. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi. I turned the leaf similar to the photo but more upright so the surface of the fitting was flat to the bed, set supports for 70 degrees, roof of 3 layers and 2 layers of gap. I also used raft 8 mm wide

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What orientation do you print this in?

I tried printing this with the correct settings, but when it got to the leaves on the top of the stem towards the end of the print, my printer started printing things in mid air. The printer did not seem to have made supports for these leaves. Should I be printing the stem upside-down or something?

Yes. Print the stem upside-down and it will work fine.

Printed in Silk red and True Green PLA. Came out awesome. thank you.

i like the design but it always seems to fail at the same spot on the flower, i use cura and the flower always stops printing once it starts to go outwards.

hello, how can ı open this ready to use rose models in autocad 2016?
and very very nice work thanks for sharing with us

Hi there, from my experience i tried once use in the past STL to DWG converter but omg. If u need DWG file i can provide to you, then u can edit it or add something, well I used Autocad for that rose but that is not the best software for solids I think, but only one I knew that time:D

Oh thanks for replying. I managed to convert the file so thanks anyway :D and unfortunately I've discovered too that its not very suitable for solid i guess:D

Interestingly, and how much time you spent on printing?

Not much tbh, only doing it in my free time;)

great design! beautiful ornament!

thank You:) still learning but doing my best:D

I like your best :) I make some deformation by hand with heat in postprocessing and it look more organic. Thank you !

Hi, Rose made by you looks awesome, it is actually very great idea to improve general look of this rose:) Thank you for sharing, really appreciate that:)