Desk Mount Headphone Holder / Mount / Clamp

by mistertech Feb 2, 2017
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Do you print the clamp and the screw in the same print? Or is it best to do them each separate?

I printed my first one with both the holder and screw in the same print and it came out just ok. I printed the next 3 with the screw and holder separate and they came out a lot better in my opinion although I'm not sure why that would have made a difference.

I am able to print them at the same time. You might be printing too hot so when moving from part to part you get artifacts. Hard to tell without pictures but certainly printing them separately will always give the best results.

Exceptional quality, worked perfectly!


It only took you 3.5 hours? What were your settings? Mine says almost 8 at 50mm/s, 0.25 and 20% infill

This is one of the best modeling jobs I've seen, the threads are absolutely perfect every time I make one of these! I'm even (mis)using the clamp side for other projects/remixes as the threads and overall design are just plain great.

I'm customizing the headphone holder for a project but I need the dimensions of everything to do so from scratch. How can I find the dimensions (screw / long screw / headphone holder). Thanks!

I printed one of this and it looks great! However after a few months of usage the piece cracked. I think I printed it with the default setting of 3 walls, maybe 4 would have made the difference? Now I was wondering how can I repair this? With glue or with soldering iron? Also if I were to reprint this what do you think about using PETG?

Thanks in advance.

That's interesting. I haven't heard of one cracking before. I print mine with 4 walls and 33% infill. What infill did you use?

I think I used a 20% infill. BTW I seem to have fixed it with epoxy.

This is the one piece I have that people who don't own a 3D printer want me to make for them after they've seen it. Couldn't you have made it something smaller that prints faster?! :-)

This is a great piece. I've printed at least a dozen of them now. Thanks for sharing!

Don't know why but every time I try to print it I have an error, when I press print from the SD Card, straight after I have something like error, printing failed... But no problem with other STLs...

I have now printed 5 of these and they all work great, THANKS for a great design

The WIDE and regular versions look to be identical in the slicer preview. Anyone else noticed that?

Yup, they both have space for 55mm headband... didn't notice until after the print -- oh well, plenty of space for my tiny headband then :P

Great thing though -- perfect tolerance on the screw for me without any hassle!

i printed both parts at the recommended settings in the comments and the bolt is very loose. so much that the threads cant even grab to tighten down. ever had this issue?

Hi, nice design. We have one in use and are happy with it.

I have one question regarding the screw. Is this a standard M20 thread? I want to use a similar screw/thread in a design I want to make. I often hear that metric threads are to fine to be 3d printed. But this one works.

Great design. It works fine. Thanks a lot.

How much filament does this use

That depends on your settings, perimeters, infill, etc.

My settings use:
Build time: 5 hours 10 minutes
Filament length: 27133.0 mm
Plastic weight: 81.58 g (0.18 lb)

Your slicer will tell you how much material you use.

Thanks for the model! I had a pretty thick desk so I used the 53mm version. One thing that I did was use an inner tube from a bicycle so that holder would not move and slide a round. This requires less torque to keep the holder in place as well as keeps it from moving around. Here is a picture of a small piece of tire tube wrapped around the holder.

The screw was too tight until it broke off

How many walls did you use? Are you over extruding? Did you print with supports? I use 4 walls, 33% infill and do NOT print it with supports.

i am using 20% infill 2 walls and no support. ill print the screw again and try. Thanks for responding fast

My pleasure. Let me know if I can be of any other help.

Comments deleted.

My desk is over 17mm in thickness! What do I do???

Well, I printed both parts to this. Took about 4 hours to print... and I find out my desk is actually TOO BIG for this to work. It is 48 mm thick, so the main part that is 40mm cannot even fit on it. It would be great if you could send me the original CAD model files, and maybe I can go into fusion and edit it to make it larger. Thanks, and great design it is a shame my desk it not normally sized lol.

Okay, well I just found out that although Fusion 360 does not allow importing STL models, Tinkercad does. I made the new gap about 53mm wide. Thank you so much for this design.


+respect for you

Thank you for this! My desk is about 45mm thick, so I was having the same problem.

Hi, Can you send me the native files. My desk is made from glass(very thin!) I would like to change the grip part. Thanks.

Thanks for a good holder. Made 2 directly, one for home and one for work.

When printing screws I like the option to use a tap and die set to clean them up and get a smooth action...

I used M20x2.5mm tap and die to make the fit of the screw perfect. Especially good if you forget to disable support when slicing...

A thread relief cut equivalent would have made cleanup easier

So if anybody that design stuff is listening: please use a standard thread (metric... even the US is going metric... inch by inch ;) (http://mentalfloss.com/article/55895/countries-havent-adopted-metric-system) ) and state what you used in the description.

Other than that little clean-up I caused it printed super nice in natural PETG (transparent) and feels sturdy, nice work.

Thanks a lot for your changes to a great holder.
I was wondering if the part that holds the earphones is wide enough. My earphones top part (that goes over the head) is 38 mm wide.
Thanks for your reply.

Ótima peça. Parabens

The clamp is small it won't fit in my desk. can you make it longer

How big do you need?

my desk is little over 2 inch

Hi mistertech,

I also printed the original but the thing broke after a few uses under the weight even though it is still a great design :)

I see that you made a longer screw for the clamp... by any chance do you know if it screws close enough to fit on my 8mm glass desk?

Hope to hear from you soon.

I think it should. I'll check when I get back in front of my computer. You can measure it yourself if you load each part one at a time in your slicer.

Doh, I didn't think of that lol.
Thanks for the quick reply.

I just replaced the "long" screw with another that will leave a 1mm gap so it will attach to any desk or table. The original screw left a 17mm gap. If your table is thinner than 17mm, use the new long screw.

Hi, I really like this design. I also had a look at the "original" part and decided to not print it because I was afraid that the thing would break. This one here looks a lot stronger and I want to print this.

Just one question; we have thin (1cm thick) tables in the office. I think the screw would be too short for being able to hold on to these tables. But maybe I'm also misinterpreting the size of the design. Let me know what you think.

Cheers and keep up the good work!

You were right. There was a 17mm gap when the screw was fully inserted. Changing the holder to be smaller would be a considerable about of work unfortunately. I created a longer screw that should solve the problem.

Thank you! :-)

The screw might not be long enough, however, I can post a longer screw for you.

Hi! Thanks for the fast reply! A longer screw or a shorter holder ;-) I personally would prefer to have a shorter holder part because this way I won't waste all the plastic to print it in full height and the print is faster. What do you think?

Cheers and thank you!

What did you use to print this? ABS or PLA?

Great! I was hoping that's what you would say.

It's quite strong at 20% infill. You could go 50% if you're concerned. PLA is plenty strong for this design.


Is there anyway the clamp section could be rotated 90 degrees?
I've been looking for a screen mount for my head set, but there is nothing available on Thingiverse.
Your design would be perfect if it rotated.


I can try. I think it would be too large however and would cover some of the screen. The other, more important concern, would be that when tightening the screw, you could damage the screen or bezel.

Is the back of your monitor sloped in any way? If so, the screw would just slip off as it's tightened.

As a test, I'd print this "C" clamp (useful for other things after) http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1673030 . Attach it with the screw facing the front, as if you were going to hang the headphones from the thumb screw. If this is able to screw down on your monitor, then I would feel more comfortable with my headphone holder mounting to your monitor.

G-Clamp fully printable

That's exactly what I started printing after posting my previous comment.

The headphones I'm going hang on this is basically a teleconference headset. So light weight. I am worried about damaging the screen but thought of using some rubber or high density foam where the clamp makes contact with the screen.

What software are using to design these things?

I'm currently using Fusion 360 to create my designs. I used to use 123D, and TinkerCAD before that.

You currently use Fusion 360?

I also use FUsion 360 and haev been looking for a partner to colaborate with, think you might be interested?

This a great piece. Thank you for you sharing this.

Thank you for the feedback! I'm glad that you are enjoying it.