Tarantula MKS Base Offset Mount

by darknz Feb 1, 2017
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Why is this print so bad? The project is ok but the quality of the print from the pictures is terrible. But still, thanks bro, I used it and it works just fine.

I made this when I still had no idea how to calibrate my printer properly :) I guess if I printed them again they'd look a lot nicer now!

Which adjustable z-end stop are you using? i can just about see it in one of the pictures.. it looks like what i want to design, but if you can point me to an stl, it will save me some time..

Actually, I found it!
This is the droid you are looking for: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1439423

Tevo Tarantula Adjustable Z End Stop

Great! thanks for that!! much appreciated!

I believe I got this one from the Tevo Tarantula Owners Facebook group. I have the stl files but no reference of where I got them, but I can’t find them on thingiverse. ‘Adjustable endstop’ gives some close matches, and the files on FB are called z_stop_low, z_stop_low_short, and z_stop_up; assuming they are still there :)

Hi there, I have just printed one. When I was about to remove the support it broke just in the curve.

Do you have any suggestion? The support were really hard.

It took me a while to get supports right in general, now when I use them they just pull away and rarely stick to the print.

Depending on your slicer the settings may vary or have different names, but I would suggest making sure the supports are configured as detachable (0.2mm) and that your extrusion multiplier is set up properly for your nozzle and filament. I use Slic3r, and usually turn off the support-shroud feature as it seems to add too much extra to the supports. If your parts are weak and prone to breaking it might be a temperature or extrusion thing too.

This part isn't super-strong as I only had the MKS assembly in mind when I designed it, but it should be able to handle being removed from supports.

This should work for a Anet A2 as well.
Im going to need these for my A2.