Raven Skull Statue

by lordlilapause Feb 1, 2017
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i printed it directly in final posture
but it has been really hard to remove supports (it took me 3 full hours)
i had to reprint the beak separately and paste it because the support broke on printing

printed at 110% of original size
at 60mm/s in pla with 20% infill
this is the hardest print i ever make but it rendering is just terribly cool


I didn't even notice the mouse before I went to slice it, props to you for that attention to detail.

Thank you for this incredible model.
I printed it with tree supports but beak support broke so had to redo the beak.
Looks superb.

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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Here sending you separate STL's for skulls and raiven... perhaps you want them.

I've never experienced a more difficult print to remove supports from, but it's worth the trouble.. absolutely incredible.

You said you separated the raven and the skulls, but the model I just downloaded is all together. Just wondering....

Try meshimxer , Edit, Seperate Shells. Now you must have a Punch of parts. When thats not working i upload it.

I tried meshmixer - it separated into 3 shells - 98% of the original model, and 2 little, itty-bitty pieces of the model. It's the same if in S3D if I >mesh>separate connected surfaces.

than i reupload the original file.
I thin k that will help you.

I don't know why, but I downloaded a new file, NEW-Ravenskull-scaled-repaired-repaired.stl, and the raven is not separated from the skulls. I tried meshmixer and S3D, and it's all one model, except for the 2, tiny little pieces. Weird.

I added the complette stl, now it works!

Hey. I downloaded Complete.stl, but it turned out that eye of the crow separately from the model, i.e. the Raven without an eye. Could you please fix this?
I can do it like this.

Thanks! You went above and beyond. Cheers!

I love this model and really want to print it. But... I'm new at this and my Cetus3D software doesn't even try to add a support for the beak, it just hangs out in midair, so there's no chance it will print correctly.

Has anyone remixed this with a few good supports? I'm not really ready to start down the STL editing road yet...

I think I found the secret to this model! (Or maybe I didn't but hopefully it's interesting anyway...)

When you load it, it is on it's back with the bottom of the base facing the front. If you print it just like that instead of doing the natural thing and flipping it the right way up, supports are generated correctly and the beak prints perfectly. I've only printed a 1/3 scale version so far (about 50mm high) but it had no issues that I can see, apart from being really fiddly.

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figured it out, if you use cura, next to the supports option there is a settings button that will open up a more detailed menu, just adjust the angle of support down, I set mine to 20 degrees, and then view the model in the layer view and you will see the supports go under the beak. The default settings of cura do not extend the support under the beak far enough, this will fix it though. I already printed a small piece to test and it came out fine, all be it fragile.

I think the raven is after the little mouse under the skull, i almost missed seeing him lol. this sculpture is so good wow! keep it up you really have talent!

Hi any chance this could be broken out to 3 STL files? 1. Base, 2. Skulls, 3. Raven? Rather than painting I would love to print with three separate colors and then add shadows afterwards. Just thought I would ask, I love this model.

Any change to get this without the raven?

Meshmixer and Clean it?

A base is not flat. There are three extruded points.

Go to your slicer, Z Offset -0.5mm?

Actually, this would have been your chance to shine lordlilapause. ;)
You call this a "repaired" model, but the bumps on the bottom layer make printing this object with brim or rafts impossible (at least with S3D, since it will only calculate such things for the lowest point, which isn't a flat surface in this case)

Learn how your slicer works xD

In all fairness Slic3r cannot apply a z offset. Shocking. But I have no other choice in a slicer at the moment with the Prusa i3 MK2 Multi Material upgrade.

Yes it does just use the cut option and cut 1mm of the bottom.

Well, while that's a quick fix you should always solve a problem at the root. The root here is that your model doesn't have a flat bottom. Fix that once and save many people doing it.

Love this model, I am very appreciative for the person making.. great stuff...

But... the bottom is not flat and while it can be band-aided with the slicer (using simplify here), it is difficult for some and needless.

Printed this at different scales and even with manual supports the beak will not print. I will slice and print just the raven head with plenty of supports and see what happens. Also problems with the base not being flat - just got a lot of garbage. I stiffened up the base and made sure it was flat and am going to try it now.

its awesome to say the least

Is the orientation of the STL the best for printing?

Is there a chance to persuade you to upload the drawing file? I would like to remix it.

Hi, cant u open it with meshmixer?

I've tried but the different stl files will not assemble properly afterwards.

When I printed this, the beak was all messed up, everything else printed perfectly. Anyone know would cause that?
I printed it on a MP select mini and printed it standing up with no support

Well, from what I can see on this model, you are going to want to print it with supports - at least for the beak. The beak is floating in mid air and will need the support in order to have it join with the rest of the body.

Hope that helps

I printed this with supports and the beak didn't print.

what slicer do you use? on s3d i must create custom support for the beak

I use Cura and it gives you 2 options for support, either touching builplate or just support everywhere. The program generates the support on its own... this is not the first time I fail to print something do to a support related problem.

Cura is crap :D use simplify3d or create support with meshmixer

Maybe u can cut the beak with Netfabb, print it and glue it toghether?
I use S3D too, and there was Manual Support only for the beak. Or use the Support only every 2nd layer and print it again.

Thanks! I've been reading about Simplify3d and seems like a better option than Cura. My problem is that I'm not sure if it will work with my Skynet3d firmware with autolevel. I've been searching in the forums but cant find confirmation yet.

yes it will work

I went with your suggestion and got Simplify3d and here are my observations and experience...

The aprox calculated time for the print was around 18:50 hours at 4200mm/min and .15 resolution....actual time took around 30 hours! Then I used the automatic supports plus I added some custom ones for the beak and still was not able to print the beak again... Very frustrating after waiting so long. The generated supports were almost impossible to remove and I ended up leaving a bunch under some parts and even broke one of the arches of the skull eyes removing support material.... I am sure that a lot had to do with me not having any experience using Simplify3d but my observation is that for someone without much experience playing with settings in any program, will definitely be a lot easier to use Cura instead.

I have to admit that the quality of the print with Simplify3d came up much better than with Cura but not worth it the extra 15 hours it took in Simplify3d. And with Cura the estimated times are right on the spot... how is possible that the print took 12 more hours than what Simplify3d estimated ? I am not giving up with Simplify3d but need some guidance before trying another long print... Thanks !

WTF, 30h, what dimensions?
Why u dont try at first a small statue with low resoloution? Printtime 2-3h.
Where u testing the supports and other experimental options?
Why is your 1st print with a new slicer a 16h+ print? That this wount work was clearly to see... i have S3D now over 1 year, and with every print i learn more and more. But i test with little prints. And the print time is on my prints everytime 30% more. But other ppl have time +/- 1h. Ist a settings probem in the soft and hardware.
Pls try smaler prints with S3D first ^^ Learn, check the good and bad Terms, and try again .. and again and again^^
Other ppl have done it too, maby ask under there "Made" Posts.

If I knew it was going to take 30 hours, trust me I would have never tried it. I do agree that it was risky to try a first attempt with a new program with such a long print, but the only reason I tried S3D was because I wanted to try the customized support to print this raven again with the beak. Guess I learned my first lesson of S3D...I did use the high resolution option to print this and the added support looked like it was going to work for the beak. I will play a little with smaller prints and see if I learn to use it...

You need to add vertical separation layers so the supports are removable.

I am going to attempt to print this sometime within the next couple days. I am using Cura 15.04.6 I will let you know how the slicing view looks and what not. If I have success I will share the settings I used. I plan on print it about 14-15" tall. Scratch the 14-15" I see now that at that size I would need a base of 17" and my larges printer at the moment is 300x300 so I am going to upscale this to print 280x280x275 tall. I am oversizing the Z axis a bit here but the model still looks good.
Also what version of Cura were you using and did you look at the layers in the layer view tap to ensure it would print right? For me if a part is not going to print right it will show up in that view. At the size I plan on printing this at it will take 52 hours with only 7% infill and 1mm wall thickness. It will consume 775grams of filament. I forgot to mention the time and amount of filament does not count Supports as I have not factored those in yet.

did you manage to get a good print after 50 + hours ?? you havent posted up anything since 19 june 2017 its now 25 jan 2018!!!!

I Printed the Raven several months ago but never got around to posting anything about it.
Here is a photo of my results. Will have to fix the beak other then that it turned out ok. It is about 11" tall and 11" wide in diameter
I Did have problems with the beak, Support to the beak was fine but the lower 1/3 of the beak still turned out terrible, so I reprinted the lower 1/3 and removed the lower beak from the original and will use a 3d pen to plastic weld the piece in place
And for the comment that Cura is crap. I created my Gcode using Cura

SummersideGuy : How did you get such a smooth print where the lines aren't that visible?

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