Anet A8 e3d v6 Bowden Print Carriage Redux

by dldesign Feb 1, 2017
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I have put this design into practice and the fastener of the extruder melts

hi, i have the 18mm setup, can anyone give me the offsets, for marlin please i am new to this many thanks

I have made a couple of these with the V6/12mm probe. It is a nice design. If the overhang on the 12mm probe mount was a 45 degree angle instead of 90, it would not require support. Also, the sharp corners could use a gusset. Just my 2 cents.

Hi. Someone has the values ​​for the leveling sensor? I need the values ​​for the firmware. Because when you put -28,873 it fails to compile. And when putting -28 it also gives error when compiling comes out hot bed error. If I move the values ​​of the bed if it is compiled

i figured out how to center the nozzle from this mod in firmware for marlin in the configuration.h file you must scroll down till you see these #define X_MIN_POS -14

define Y_MIN_POS -16

thats what you need to change them roughly was for mine i believe the original values for these were #define X_MIN_POS -33

define Y_MIN_POS -10

for you for a refernce when looking but after the values are changed reflash your firmware and after that uploads and is all done you should be back to printing dead center, still trying to find a good cable chain attachment bracket

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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I printed this, looks fantastic but i can't find the centre. I don't use custom firmware yet, so my question is:
Can offsets be made in gcode instead of flashing a custom skynet3d firmware?
If yes, could you tell me what are the offsets? Please help.


Yes you can create your own offset using Cura and Slic3r. Find the bed center manually by using the printer menu to move the nozzle, then enter that value on the offset options of the slicer software

can anyone tell me this

define X_MAX_POS
define X_MIN_POS
define Y_MAX_POS
define Y_MIN_POS
define Z_MAX_POS
define Z_MIN_POS

and how i center the define nozzle and do the auto bed leveling go out of the bed plzzzz help

Why is the "clamp" that hold the hotend in the middle of the lower bearing and not between the two bearing/rods? That makes no sense and you will lose min. 25mm in printing high.


I see this is made in Fusion360, could you upload the Fusion Files so we can modify it more if we want?

So beware that Marlin-config nor arduino IDE will compile your x offset from extruder unless it's in whole number form such as -28 or -29. using -28.873 causes a floating constant error when compiling. I know because it took days of facebook anet group therapy and some dumb luck to figure it out.

I'm using skynet currently ( I know I should switch to Marlin) how do I make sure the firmware knows where the nozzle is located and what would the settings be since my anet a8 has the nozzle to the left of the carriage if looking straight at it from the front however this thingi moves the nozzle location more towards the middle?I know the sensor offsets per the read me file but not the printing nozzle.

There is an easy to follow guide by Tom Sanladerer on YouTube. I’ve just finish my setup and am just waiting for more nozzles. If you want help it’s fresh in my head...

what type of material do you guys print this out of? Just want to know as i only have pla and abs right now

Made one fanc 5015 (https://www.thingiverse.com/make:452432) for my tiny giant Blockstec Zero, but had to cut it to fit the machine.
In terms of height/ relation to nozzle tipo do you think it should be optimized?

Anet A8 e3d v6 Bowden Print Carriage Redux

Hello guy, I'm a bit confused about what print...I want a support for e3d v6 with slot for 3d Touch sensor...which are exactly the pieces to print?
Anyone can help me?
Many thanks

fit an e3d volcano on this system with these modified parts:
and https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2766553

E3d VOLCANO anet a8 blower fan
E3d VOLCANO anet a8 blower fan
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Works perfectly, it would be cool if the turbo fan was mounted on the side tho as I like to see the nozzle printing when facing the printer

Hi, no one have problems that sensor its too short?, mine is 4mm inductive, M12, but with this design the sensor its more than 4mm high... I need cut the sensor module to get down sensor 3 or 4 mm...


SImplemente espectacular

Es el mejor diseño que vi hasta la fecha,encaja perfectamente

Os lo recomiendo

Un saludo y gracias por compartirlo

Thanks. Is it possible to mount the BLTouch with this design? Cheers

Great setup its working great . Being new to this I'm not sure how to centre the nozzle. Can any one assist.

i assume the offset will be similar to the stock since it is not mentioned in the description?

Could you please upload .STEP or .STP or . STE files for this? I need to modify it and don't want to completely redraw it.

First off, thanks for the design - loving it :-)
I have a question, though: is anyone aware of a dual fan assy for 40mm fans that would fit here.
The radial blower is driving me nuts and I would very much like to replace it with one of the super silent fans I have here. So far I've been unable to find anything that fits the bill.

Thanks again,

Is this setup compatible with the fan ducts designed for the stock cooler?

One of the best x-carriages so far first of all :-)

Just some thoughts on possible improvements for the next version:

  • maybe it's possible to mount the hot end higher to not loose as much printing height
  • maybe just a problem for me but my 12 mm sensor is a bit loose in the hole
  • it would be cool if you could countersink one hexnut of the sensor in the carriage so you can adjust it's height more easily like the prusa i3 mk2

Has anyone got the offsets right for the 18mm sensor. I have tried multiple times and have failed every time.

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How about a bltouch mount?

I am also interested in a BLTouch for this carriage

Anybody? I have found an insert for tone of the prox sensors that will accept the 3d touch or bl touch. this is the only way i have found to use this sensor besides making or searching for another part to add to this setup.

Any chance for probe offsets ?

After a few mesurements got these values, hope helps someone.

define X_MAX_POS 220

define X_MIN_POS -14

define Y_MAX_POS 220

define Y_MIN_POS -15

define Z_MAX_POS 220

define Z_MIN_POS 0

If I Take these Values, i got a error message : Z_Safe_homing_x_point can´t be reached by the z probe...
What values did you changed additionaly ?


I'm not an expert but try to comment the following line using a #

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Hello there,

thanks for the model, it works like a charm. I only have one problem: the x belt holder is not tight enough for GT2 belt bought from amazon, it clicks through the teeth very easily when you tighten the belt. No such problem exists with the original belt.
Original Anet belt: 1,65 mm (incl. teeth)
GT2 from amazon: 1,50 mm
The nominal width is the same for both, 6 mm.

since there are no source files to edit, could you make a version for me with a tighter fit? Would appreciate a lot!

Looking forward to printing this. Just wondering how much of your Z print height do you lose using this mount with the E3D v6 compared to the stock unit?

Sorry guys, but can someone say me the exact settings?

I can not solve my Problem. Need them:

define X_MAX_POS

define X_MIN_POS

define Y_MAX_POS

define Y_MIN_POS

define Z_MAX_POS

define Z_MIN_POS










Those are my changes to Marlin 1.1.9 configuration.h of Anet A8:

Somewhere at line 779:

define X_PROBE_OFFSET_FROM_EXTRUDER -28 // X offset: -left +right [of the nozzle]

define Y_PROBE_OFFSET_FROM_EXTRUDER 0 // Y offset: -front +behind [the nozzle]

define Z_PROBE_OFFSET_FROM_EXTRUDER 0 // Z offset: -below +above [the nozzle]

Somewhere at line 885:
// Travel limits (mm) after homing, corresponding to endstop positions.

define X_MIN_POS -16

define Y_MIN_POS -13

define Z_MIN_POS 0

define X_MAX_POS 240


define Z_MAX_POS 220

Somewhere at line 1026
// Set the boundaries for probing (where the probe can reach).





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Why doesn't fit the M3 nut? I think it is a M2 nut. Beltholder works fine with the M3 nuts.

Yes the m3 is the correct one to use. And it is meant to be a tight fit.

My m3 nuts were a tight fit, i had to use some pliers to force it in.

This has been asked before however I do not see where it was answered. Is this for the long or short version of the e3d v6? I have printed it already and ordered the long version of the e3d v6 clone. Thanks, this is a very nice carriage.

PaapaJohn88, I am thinking that by the "long" version of the e3d v6 you are referring to a clone of the e3d Volcano. It should not have a problem fitting within the print carriage since the heat syncs are the same. The only issue you may run into is if you are using a proximity/ inductive sensor. The issue being that due to the LONGER hot end ( melt zone) you may find that the sensor cant get low enough. However, since i have not tested this myself i cant say for sure it would not work. Please let me know if it does so I can update the description!

Thank you I will let you know as soon as I receive them. Yes they are the clone version at 74mm length, My major concern is how far below the carriage it is going to extend and whether the fan duct will clear the extruder. there is 12mm difference in the length of the long clone and the genuine e3d V6. I purchased these to use one for the A8 and two on a HyperCube I am planning on building.

Can you make a variant for the belt holder for the reinforced GT2 belt that is about 1,49mm vs 1,61mm of the stock Anet one please?

I am using Skynet with Anet A8. where should i locate the: -28.873mm in which variable?
Just to be clear, this value is to start the print from the middle, right?


Hey Mate,
I'm using 18mm variant with fan and did spend some time on a configuration.h yesterday for Skynet and I think I've nailed it.
Probably you might need to change:
PID tuning / bed PID tuning / DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT / ...(maybe I forgot something, but just compare it to default Skynet config).


Hope that helps.

alright mate what is your setup? do you have full grathics display?


What version of Skynet are you using? I want to try your file.

It was modified on 2.3.2 but to be honest it should be fine with newer versions as well, I guess Pete recently changed some acceleration settings, so you might just want to compare files by side if you want those changes.

arikflorida, that above offset is the offset between the nozzle opening and the center of the sensor if you are using one. As for the printing in the center of the bed, that will be within you slicer (global offsets) and your chosen firmware. Since I dont use Skynet, I run a beta version of HORIZON, I am not sure how the bed is defined within your firmware, but if it is similar you will want to work with the defining of the HOME (X0,Y0) position.

I am also not clear :( been printing off center :)

Unfortunately the mounting ring for a clone is too tight. And the bracket in the middle a little bit too large. Tried to mount with a little bit of force - broke instantly, even with 75% infill. Any chance to get a remix?

For my clone is spot on. With very little pressure it is quite safe even on half halve and when you tighten the screws it is even perfect and solid. I printed using ABS at 70% infill.

The Fan blower honestly doesn't fit that well with the turbofan mount..I've been clipping what the bottom of the radial fan "fits" to in order to stop screwing up my first layer...

Any chance you could design a tighter belt holder? My belts slip right out.

Yes Mine is also the same printed 2 and both the same :(

Anyone after a fan for this? I just make this for ya :P http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2128816

Anet A8 e3d v6 Bowden Print Carriage cooling duct remix (Remix)

This may not be the right place, but I have finished installing this mount, and its pretty snug! The wore harness has to be pointed a little bit towards the radial fan, otherwose the heat block will melt the fan duct.

Anyways, this v6 will not extrude. I pull out the PTFE, and it will melt but it gets caught, thus not extruding. Any help would be appreciated

Discobiscuit252, I am not sure about your second question but as for the first, the Co-designer has released a different cooling duct for this carriage you may want to look into. we havent seen any issues with the heat block interfering with the duct yet on either design but here is the link to his. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2086437

Anet A8 e3d v6 Bowden Print Carriage cooling duct remix

Thank you. I actually pulled the trigger on an authentic e3d v6, although I think I know the issue with the asian knockoff. There is a straight angle where the ptfe sits, and so that is what is causing the filament to bulge in such a way. Tomorrow I will be fiddling around with it, take a drill to it on the inside in an attempt to bevel that edge. What do I have to lose? $15.

EDIT: I switched it out with my stock heat break, as that has PTFE lining and at the moment I'm using PLA, so the all-metal was hell even with a 1.8mm bore I did along with polishing. That thing is in the trash now.

For the long or short version of E3D v6?

As I am waiting for my J-head bowden nozzle, I am left wondering if this will mounting system will work for the Metal J-Head. I know this is designed for E3D, and that the one I had ordered is a E3D knockoff so to speak. Will this; http://www.ebay.com/itm/172164026667?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT fit in this mounting system??

discobiscuit252, I have heard of individuals using my print carriage with e3d clones with success. I cant 100% guarantee that it will work but if the top of the heads diameter is close it could be workable.

i love this design and cant wait for my e3d to arrive, ive already printed these parts. do you use skynet for your autolevel? what offset settings do you use? thanks

Mpkottawa, No I run Horizon V0.0.4 (still in beta testing) so the offsets i use may be a little different. As for the offsets for the sensor itself it is -29 X . the center of the sensor is inline with the the center of the nozzle opening.

I have printed all the parts and i will install when i have all other parts needed like a new bowden extruder mount. I have to ask you if in your opinion this X axis chain will work with your design specially the part attached on the carriage. I have doubt since there will not be the motor anymore under it.


Let me know thanks

improved linear chain to Extruder on Anet A8

Uragano23, I have taken a look at the above cable chain, I will say i dont see why it "wouldnt" work because it looks as if it mounts to the carriage itself. Sadly i cant guarantee it will work in the intended manner of the original design since the motor wont be there.

Well, I looked at this file you provided me on the facebook group "official anet a8" and I'm printing it currently at 100%. I will post pictures once it is all built!! Thank you for your help, Dan^2! Don't forget to keep designing...

Does this replace the stock plate without making any changes to the Skynet3d firmware? Is all of the geometry the same as the stock setup?Outside of making the offset changes for the inductive sensor.

i didnt change any offsets from stock skynet v2.3.1. my prints are a bit to the right of center. even when it autolevels, the points are a bit right.

that is because this mount has the head in the center of the plate unlike the stock setup where it is a bit to the left side of the plate as you are facing it. so without changes to the firmware or global offsets on your slicer you will be printing slightly to the right.

The only changes I from the stock setup you will have to deal with is the offset along the Y axis. The location of the nozzle will be slightly further along the Y axis. I dont run sktnet3d though so i cant be 100% the exact you would need to put into the firmware.

using this stars my print not in the centre of the build plate :S
I have changed the marlin offsets before but wondered if anyone knows what offsets i should be using to get the print to start printing in the centre of the bed ? thanks!

beanieboy182, You can try the following offsets and see if they help. X +6.50mm Y -12.5mm Please keep in mind that I am using a beta version of a new firmware so my offsets may be a bit different then yours or drastically different. I suggest downloading a "Print Centering" thing from thingiverse then taking accurate measurements to find you exact offsets

The circular fan is a great design, but it is 1. Very brittle and 2. It touches the heat block in the back, not sure it its just me, the original fan duct doesnt work cause its to big, any chance u can make an original fan duct but smaller, thanks

Bobbymansfield123, the co-designer of this mount has released a different fan duct that you might find useful. The link is: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2086437

Anet A8 e3d v6 Bowden Print Carriage cooling duct remix

A second vote for a different fan design. The fan scrapes the top of my builds - not enough to break anything (yet) but enough to make a really irritating noise with every pass. I'm going to drill out the mounting holes a bit so I can bump the fan up enough to clear.

Also, if you use the silicone boot that now comes with the E3D V6, the fan shroud is touching it on the back end. It's just too close. I think even without the boot, it's too close.

I think a semi-circle one like this: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2009549 would be just about perfect, if you can get it positioned where it doesn't hit the heat block. I have this one already printed out, but it doesn't fit on this carriage.

Anet A8 - Semi-Circle Nozzle Fan

TheOtherVance, thank your for your comments, I have been working with the co-designer of this print carriage and he has released a different fan duct that works with this carriage. since he did most of the design work for the duct his work must be credited. The link is: the co-designer of this mount has released a different fan duct that you might find useful. The link is: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2086437 Happy printing!

Anet A8 e3d v6 Bowden Print Carriage cooling duct remix

Yep, that looks like it will solve the problem - I'll print it out. Thanks!

Very nice design. Only thing I need to do now is mod the back plate to take an anet square style sensor.

Thanks heaps for this thingi. Works perfect!

My stock 50 15 radial fan does not fit with the cooler ring. Do you have a certain fan that you can recommend?

Took me a day to figure out that I could simply put the nozzle 1 mm further from the heating block..

EnburN, this is a link to the fans that I use and have been tested, they are the same as the one that came stock with the Printer. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01M5JRD34/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Great Design, however - support for a 40x40 Fan instead of that noisy stock-turbo cooler would be awesome!

The design looks very nice. I am currently printing and will post my results after install. Might be a couple days as I have several other things to print before I tear it all down. This design does seem to fit my needs though so thanks in advance... I'll definately put up some pics after.

Excellent work, enter Thingiverse to find a solution to my project change to E3D V6 and .... I find this design that gives me all possibilities, thank you very much.

Could you show a picture of how the belt is attached?

I have added a picture to show how the belt connects to the belt holder

Absolutely! I will add one when I get home from the office today!

Hello. Great work! Is this for a 18mm sensor or 12mm?

It is for an 18mm sensor . I well update the description once I get home!

Is there anyway to get a 12mm senso for it? I love the design so it would be ideal to use.

tmwhite86, if you look at the thing files now, you will see there is a plate carriage for a 12 mm sensor. However, it has not been tested since I do not have a sensor of this size to work with or confirm with.

I am currently working on a 12mm sensor version. of the carriage plate. Check back later this evening. I will also reply here once i have made the upload.

Brilliant thank you very much!