Standing Baby Groot (Reworked to Print w No Raft)

by doc3f Feb 1, 2017
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Trying to print Groot on the Snapmaker, hopefully the supports will go fine in this first attempt ! Will inform you after the print :)

I had the same problem with the hands.. supports has to be modelled instead of generated, It won't work out this way.

Maybe I'll try to print this model again, rotating Groot on his back instead of printing it from his feet to his head.

Tried to print this on Trinus using pango, printed about a 1/4 of both legs then nothing but strings hanging everywhere. any help would be appreciated

I manually placed the supports...maybe I should generate a model with the supports added...I just figured that most software (I use Simplify) would add in the supports. It says that it is edited to print with no Raft, not no support, if that is where the confusion may be. I edited the bottom of the feet so that it would print on the glass directly, and stand on its own. The actual work was in determining through multiple prints what angle would be the best for the feet to be flattened at, and then cleaning up some Boolean cut errors. When printed right on the glass or tape (and use Hairspray!) the model now stands perfectly afterward.

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Hi, go see what I just added to the description and see if that helps. You just need to manually add the supports to give the fingers something to materialize from. Does your software allow you to add supports wherever you want to?

I printed using Cura, with supports, and the fingers did not print properly on the left hand, so they broke off with the supports. I'm going to try further scaled up and see if it's just a product of printing it small and the fingers being too tiny to print. I think that's the problem that funjon is referring to, as well.

Edit to add: I printed scaled up as large as my luzbot mini will print and most of the fingers failed catastrophically. They just fall off the supports before you get to the point of printing the hand or, when it's time to "join" them together to start the hand portion, they get knocked off the supports or out of alignment.

Edit #2: Tried printing in various positions, angled, laying on back, laying on front, etc. I had the best success printing him standing on the tip of his head (upside down), with supports, and with a raft. Takes more material, and longer, but the hands print correctly and there is just minor imperfections at the neckline

Hmm...I could see that...I think I had my success because I manually placed a Ridiculous amount of supports, and my Kapstan tape surface was perfectly laid down that time...also: Aqua Net High Hold Hairspray. Period. Almost makes it hard to pop em off before the table cools enough, which is good when you NEED things to print and not fly around like spaghetti monsters...

How did you get it to print? I've tried both Cura and slic3r, and neither one can properly generate supports under the hands. The fingers turn into spaghetti (and the last time I tried it broke off).

I use Simplify, and using both manual and automatically placed supports I have no trouble with printing it...I havent used those programs so I dont know what they may be doing wrong.

Good Luck!