Tri Star Spinner

by Jzavitz Feb 2, 2017
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Center frame hole not for 608 bearing(Tristar_Fidget_Spinner_V2.stl). It falls out. I use PLA

i printed one and the 608 fit works awesome

I make figet spinersout of pltick but not like this.

I print a lot of spinners and this one needs adjustment. The outer posts are too small at 7.9 mm and just slip inside a 608 bearing. The middle hole is too large at 22.6 mm and the bearing slips around inside. My calibration cubes come out within 0.05 mm. I get the same results with ProtoPasta HTPLA and Atomic PETG.

I use Sketchup 2017 and the v14 tri-star model could not be exploded--the program crashes.

Thanks for posting. I love the design and hope to get it working.

New Sketchup file uploaded. Let me know how it works out.

Thanks for the feedback. Outer posts are actually drawn at 8.05mm (tapered), but yes they fit a bit too easily, especially with being tapered I could snug them up a bit. although it did print snug on my print.Maybe running 1.01 extrusion multiplier on ABS makes mine fit tighter? You're correct on the centre bearing being too large, I believe I adjusted the size based on again, my print with abs. The previous version people complained it was too tight, so I did enlarge tolerances a bit. Mine may seem to fit tight if the chamfered inset is keeping the bearing centred so I wouldn't notice any slack. As for the sketchup file, Not sure why it crashes? I'll try to save a new copy and re-upload so you can adjust the design.

Outer frame holes are mis-sized by at least a mm.

Sorry you had issues, but it's definitely not mis-sized, especially by that much. I actually printed this again last night to see if it needed more fine tuning based on a few people who noted it was a bit off. It pressed together nicely. To be honest, most other spinners I have to sand or file a bit to get the bearings in without stretch marks on the prints, but this one I didn't have to at all. I would print a calibration cube and make sure you're bang on. You could still print a great quality and good looking part and be off dimensionally if not calibrated properly.

Sure, everybody else has the same problem with that part, all the other spinners I've printed fit fine, including all the other pieces of this same spinner. But I must have a calibration problem. That's the logical conclusion.

I had trouble fitting the male/female potions of the frame as well. Yes its supposed to be tight on the bearings, but on the frame it is just locator pins. Cut them off if you need to.

I like the design of the buttons, but again had trouble getting both to fit.

Same, with open-source design : http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2255235
I PROVIDE THE SKP FILE with step by step "tutorial" to mod the design :D

Hand Spinner Fidget With External Bearings (SketchUp files provided)

The best tri spinner design but I need to adjust holes because all are way too hard.
Can't to mount any ceramic bearing with center hole not chamfered !!!
Please give the SKP file to adjust all !

Being that there is only this version and 1 other version almost identical, I will hold off on sharing the skp file for now. i would take some 120grit paper or a fine file and just lightly dust it. It's a tight fit for a reason, but if your printer is tuned well you will have a perfect fit. I did have to press together with a clamp, which is typical of these so they don't fly out. You could also scale to 100.1 +/- to get a better fit very easily...

I did have to press together with a clamp -> bad design, it make scratsh on glossy surface. I don't like this.
My printer is a modded Prusa i3 Hephestos with very good calibration.

I prefer to rebuild the model from crash than sand a PLA 3D print.
I can also import the STL inside sketchup to make hole on each side, with 3 screw/nut and easy to mount with ceramic bearing:)
And I post a remix:)

Sorry, what's the difference between buttons A/B?

To be honest, I had planned male/female ends but posted before I actually added that to the design not realizing it. It was a snug fit so didn't bother or think about changing after since I was extremely happy with the print and fit of everything. So no there isn't a difference...

what did you use n the middle and out side **i scaled it to .108

Would you be so kind to help me and tell me what program you used to edit this. I need to make the holes on the end slightly bigger. Thanks

I drew it from scratch with sketchup. Should be able to manipulate it with just about any software, depending how well it imports the triangles. I can possible adjust it to suit your need, but not sure exactly what you're looking to adjust and by how much...

So I've been looking and cant find editing tools. But if you are willing to adjust it that would be amazing! The three holes on the end where the other half connects are barely to small. So if you could just make them very slightly bigger (if you want i can send you a picture for reference. Also im very new to this, if its not to much to ask could you send me a file thats already scaled to the right size. I know thats a lot but this is a birthday present for my friend. Thanks -josh

Actually the three holes just need to have the walls a little thinner. Sorry if there made any bigger they wont fit the bearings

Are you using 608 bearings? They're a perfect fit for the design. You may have some fine tuning to do on your printer to make it work. Could be overextruding while printing causing the layers to squish and ooze out the sides causing the issue. There is no gap between male/female connections in the design to allow assembly without glue without it falling a part when in use. If you get it printed close enough simply sand/file down the male side to fit in better. I did use pliers to press together, I will upload a scaled version for print though, so that may help a bit. Will upload shortly. Post a make of your print and I can try to troubleshoot your issue for you.

The scale is not right on this critter? Beautiful design though!

See note on description... scale down to 10% for printing :)

Thanks! I was doing guess and check and trying to home it in =)