M8,M10,M12 Hexnut Fidget Spinner

by RoPa Feb 2, 2017
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will a hex nut with 14mm diameter edge to edge work?

Maybe, I haven't tried that... But 14mm might be a little too big.

Can you make a penta spinner with m12 nuts?

very good
only the holes in the M8 make it brake easy ..


can you please do filled m10 bolts so i can use them to bring color to kids spinner which needs no added weight.. A bit more color is just fine and it needs to fit to m10 version of 608 bearing spinner..

Just to make myself clear, it would be nice to have a m10 size pieze to fit those holes on the spinner. This way i could bring some color to kids spinners.. no need to extra weight ..

today i made some screws but those are hollow and when cut to right size they do not seem neat.. also when i cut the screw and used the bottom m10 shaped piece it had also hollow side in it.. one side of this screw was therefore a good fit but now i just need the other side to be the same..

Printed the M8 tri-spinner. It's very loose fit on the M8 nuts, but very good fit on the 608 bearing
Gotta have to glue the nuts in.

Same with me although bearing fits perfectly.

same here with M10

I like this design work very much - thank you!
I am purchasing some hi-performance bearings now and 've been told best for spinners are the r188 bearings, since they are smaller thus rotate for longer. For now I guess I will just create a fast adapter 22mm od/12.7mm id, but thought you may decide to add version for r188 as well.
Edit: Just read few commends bellow and saw you already suggested 686 instead. While I agree they should be more readily available locally in Europe, they do not seem to be considered standard for fidgets, so there is not even a cap in thingiverse for 686, that's the other way to look at it I guess :) Anyway, I will get 686 if you plan to include that into your pack. 686 and r188 are at the same price @Ali..

Thanks again. ..

can anyone make an M12 608 version of the Quadruple and Penta?? PLEASEEE!!

About assembly. Is it just plug and play? I assume the nuts have to be glued on. But what about the bearing?

Hi, if you're lucky everything is plug and play. But that depends on a lot on the print settings. Usually I can just press in the bearing and use some glue for the nuts

What size nuts for the penta spinner

Standard M8 Nuts. You can see the size of the cutouts in the drawings.

would you be able to make a version of the M10 tri where the bearing is a 606?

Thanks!! Does that include the cap too?

It does not, I already had some cnc aluminum caps so I didn't need to print any.

HI, nice design and I love it. can you tell me the program you used for making those blueprints? did you make them or where did you get them?

Hi, I used Solidworks.

I have some extra 606zz bearings, would you consider designing or modifying your double m8 or m10 to accept a bearing of this size? I'm ok with having to center the bearing because the height is different then the nuts. The 606zz is 6mmx17mmx6mm. If not would you be willing to upload the model so I could edit it myself, Thank you

PS love the design I have printed both the double spinners and added them to my collection!!

Hi, unfortunately I don't have much time at the moment so will upload some STEP files for you this week ;-)
Would you mind sharing your makes? Because that makes me happy ;-)

Will do, Thanks

step-files.zip ;-)

hi, first off, great job on this design, its really cool.

I had a couple of questions about your print settings. such as extruder temp, layer hight, number of shells, and what type of plastic.


ABS | 240-260°C | 0,1 - 0,2mm layer height | 20 - 40% infill | 0,4mm nozzle | 0,8 - 1,2mm wall thickness | 50 mm/s print speed | Ultimaker 2 with E3Dv6

great, thanks so much.

What bearings do you use for your spinners? I'd like to know a good type. (8 by 22 by 7)

Ceramic or hybrid ceramic bearings are generally the best out of the box. Although cheap steel bearings can also perform very well when completely degreased. Removing the cage greatly increases spin time when the spinner is held horizontally but some bearings might fall apart where others don't.

I'd be super interested in the tri and duo models with a R188 bearing. Would it be possible to model them for this bearing? it seem to be the prefered bearing for high end spinners.



I already thought about that and have it on my radar although at the moment I don't have time for it. But I will problably go for a 686 bearing. It has about the same size and since I live in a metric world, R188s are less available and more expensive.

Can you also make them compatible with all the bearings?

No, will probably not. But did the M8 version in all flavors for 608 skate bearings. Please share your make if you print these :-)

Can you make all of the compatible for m8 nuts, instead of only one of them. Thanks you <3

can you make ones for 5/16 nuts?

5/16 and M8 nuts should be somewhat interchangeable regarding their outer dimensions. So you can try the M8 Spinner. I'd love to see your make if it worked ;-)

I printed an m8 one and the holes were too big so i had to glue the nuts in

ok thanks, I resized the holes a little

What software did you use to make this? how did you make the hex nut cut outs?

I used Solidworks to model the Spinner, including the cut outs.

What are the dimensions of this print? Specifically how thick is it?

6, 7 or 8mm, depending on the version. Have a look at the pictures, there is a technical drawing.

Okay, thanks a lot!

Could you make one for an m10 nut?

This looks awesome! do you have a video of it spinning? it seems so much more practical than using 4 bearings. Which bearing size do you prefer? and any link to the black color nuts used in the pictures? does the cap cover the bearing completely?


Hi, I don't have a video of it spinning but it spins really well with a degreased bearing of either size. I prefer the bigger bearing aesthetically. It's also nicer to hold due to the bigger gripping area. The cap covers the bearing completely. If you want black nuts search for blued m12 nuts (iso 4032 or variants).

Thanks for sharing, but just curious to know why this toy is so popular these days?

Check out the reddit board /r/fidgetspinners they have a lot of really interesting things about it. Might be worth asking around there.

I have no idea, it just hit me like everyone else.