Festool MFT DIY Drilling Jig

by J-Max Feb 2, 2017
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I am planning on designing and posting an imperial version. Can you explain the 1mm centerline offset for the cutaway plug/jig? This would place the outside perimeter holes at 95 millimeter +/- 0.1 mm tolerance of the jig (20.2 diameter). This is a great design, BTW. Thanks.

Hi Steve, sorry to answer so lately.
Festool's MFT system spacing is actually 96mm.
The holes are +0.2mm because it's the minimal gap for a thing to come through a hole.
The 1mm centerline needs to be offset for accuracy of the jig.
Otherwise you have a risk the plug floats in the hole.
Good luck for the Imperial version. I could link to yours in my jig's page if you like.

This is a great design. What material do you recommend? Is PLA suitable? Thanks!

Hi Charles,
As long as you don't overheat the plastic parts, PLA is OK. The best material for the jig is ASA.

Thanks for the quick reply! I took the middle road and ordered one out of ABS. I'll let you know how it turns out.

This is a brilliant jig, have just made a dog-holed router table on my table saw. I have found a problem however when lining this up to my actual MFT table, and that is that its off scale, over 600mm it was out by at least 4mm, the dog holes didn't line up.

Fine for my use and they remained square, but not ideal for a replacement top on MFT3.

Loved the drill squaring device!

Hi Joel,
I'm sorry for this bad experience. It's the first time some people report this issue.
As far as I know, within a year and a half since the jig was published, people usually gets a perfect match.
I made 3 tops with the same jig with no issue.
It's difficult to understand what happened to you. Maybe the printer's calibration is a hair off and you get a tiny repeatable error ?
After a while, the printer belts gets a bit loose and/or the calibration need some adjustments.
Still sorry anyways.

I made the dogs nur have to scale it a Bit UP. It will ne to small 1/10

Hi Phillip,
Maybe it's a calibration issue from a printer to another. If the scaling works for you it's OK.

Hi Max,

it could be, i print it on a cetus 3d with cetus slicer.
But great work. Next days i will print the Jig

I assume a specific size shank on the bit is required for it to center accurately. What is the drill guide using for shank size when flush against the jig?

Good question. You don't need the drill guide to find the center. The hole in the jig is 20mm which is perfect for that purpose because it matches the 20mm forstner bit. But even if you find the center, you can drill at an angle. That's why the drill guide is here. With it you cannot miss a straight through hole.

Hello! I wanted to personally thank you for this AMAZING tool. I was creating a workbench and this basically allowed me to nail the Dog holes to work perfectly. I had to order a 20 mm Forstner bit (I live in Mexico and they only use imperial measurements) and it was SO worth it. Again, thanks a lot. I find your tools admirably useful and well designed, and wanted to also congratulate you on not just making doodads or useless models, but actual things that really ARE useful 3d printed objects. Thanks millions.

I'll upload photos soon as a make!

Thank you Heriberto, your comment is greatly appreciated ! I understand metric bits can be hard to find in the "imperial" word, but it's Festool's standard, and we have to live with that. I totally share your point of view about doodads and useless printable things. The world is already sick of useless plastic stuff. I focus on useful printable objects. Even when I designed a benchmark guizmo (thing#1971151) I tried to use less filament and shows better material or printer properties. But I think what you design/print reflects a lot who you are. I'm amazed by useless printable objects on Thingiverse. That shows how many people are empty or bored IRL. So focusing on useful items is a real act of rebellion, isn't it ?

Oh yeah! but I managed to find a Bit through a mail order. Easier that way, and I found a lot of printable accessories for the Festool system so better to adapt. Thanks a lot for taking the time to design and share actually useful stuff! I'll be uploading some pictures of your stuff on my workshop as well. Greetings From mexico!

Also, I agree on creating value rather than uselessness. Glad to hear someone else sharing a like perspective.

Muchas gracias Heriberto. ¡ Espero ver su MFT mesa pronto ! Amistades de Francia ;)

I ordered this jig. Great. Is there one with 3/4" holes and 4" spacing? If you can make one iwill order it as well, Thanks.

Hi Daniel, I understand your needs, but I must give you the same answer as below. I'm really sorry.

im new to this site. is there any chance we could get a one for 3/4 inch dog holes? with 4 inch spacing instead of 96mm.

Hi Chriss, ans welcome to thingiverse !
This thing is for the Festool MFT system, so I won't post a custom version here.
It's easy to design a copy of this according to your imperial measurement.
Anything I post is tested (printability and usability), there's too much unusable things on thingiverse.
Unfortunately, I don't own any imperial tool to prototype and test an imperial jig.
So I'm afraid I'm the wrong guy this time. Really sorry.
Anyway, you can still take and modify the plans to build your own.

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Very cool. Thanks for making this and posting! Working on a custom outfeed table that has an MDF top with MFT spaced holes. This will make it so much easier!

Thank you ! Your comment is greatly appreciated !
Maybe my printable clamping system for MFT tables may interest you too : http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2049103
Good luck with your outfeed table ! ;)

Festool MFT DIY Clamping System
by J-Max