Basic Stringing Test

by Loohney Feb 2, 2017
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This was super helpful to tune my retraction and retraction speed. 5mm retraction / 60mm retraction speed for PLA at 200nozzle/60bed on CR10s Pro was superb. Thanks my dude.

question. I have a 3d printer that is locked down on its software pretty tight. My question is, what speed is this printed at? fast, low, medium? I imagine that with a faster speed, it will need to retract faster to keep up?

I have one printing right now at normal speed which is:

shells normal:15mms
shells exterior: 15mms
infill: 35mms
infill top: 35mms
infill solid: 35mms
bottome layer speed: 5mms
retract speed: 30mms

Those are the only speeds and options i can control haha and so far no stringing. Its abut half way down:)


dude, let me just thank you for making such simple yet very affective design

Thank you! :)

Simple and helps a lot.
The print is horrible, I have too much stringing...
I use an anet a8 as you with cura, could you give your actual settings ?

I've never used CURA, also i need to tell you that every 3D printer needs different settings. My settings might work, but they can also fail with your setup. And once you're using a new type of filament or just a new role of PLA you might need to tweek the settings again since filament differs as well as printers.

I don't know what you can actually modify in CURA when it comes to Retraction, but here are my settings.

Retraction Distance: 2,20 mm
Extra Restart Distance: 0,00 mm
Retraction Vertical Lift: 0,00 mm
Retraction Speed: 30,0 mm/s

Brilliant, extraction and temperature settings now dialled in.

Glad to hear that. Happy printing. :)