NERF combination Dart Holder and Sight

by cuboid10824 Feb 14, 2017
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I'm not sure I'll be printing this exact model due to fickle support issues, but it's definitely an awesome idea!

Supports are not required for this model.

Maybe so, but I've had a lot of trouble lately with my printer and practically any kind of overhang. Stuff that should've been a slam dunk has been coming out horribly.

How do you attach it to the rail?

It's mounted to the rail by two printed parts that screw onto either side of the dart holder and clamp down onto the rail. The screws reccomended by Waltherion, who authored half of this design, are M2.6x8mm, but I just used what I could find.

Why shouldn't I buy this on Ebay?

if you dont have a 3d printer, yes, you could buy this on ebay but if you are on thingiverse you probably have one so whats the point of buying it?

You missed the point entirely.
"Yes, please give some scumbag money for violating my copyright"
I'd vastly rather you bought it off, say, 3DHubs or MakeXYZ than some scumbag on Ebay.

However, the reason that image is in the photo is so that some jerkbag trying to sell this off Ebay would have to print it out first, which, 90% of the time, they don't do.

Couldn't they pretty easily just crop out the text or put their company logo on top of it? It is at the bottom.

Because I don't sell it on Ebay. Any scumbag selling this on Ebay is in blatant violation of this file's copyright, and thusly, being a dick.

What an awesome remix! Cheers!