Parametric spider axis coupler in OpenJsCad

by joostn Apr 5, 2012
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prints it 3 coupler for my cnc but the center star as 2 side smaller of the opposite side . don't know if its my printer or not but one side fit the other side not. its about 1 or 2 mm smaller. anyway to fix it ... beside sand it.

This coupler looks awesome and I'm looking forwards to using OpenJSCAD in the future.

Unfortunately, when I tried to print this model, Slic3r complained that the part was not a manifold and had overlapping/intersecting faces and the output tool path was complete garbage. Possible bug in OpenJSCAD's exporter?

Probably the problem is due to the fact that these tools expect a 2-manifold mesh. This is now exported by the STL exorter of OpenJsCad, so the problem should be fixed.

I fixed something about 2 weeks ago, did you generate the STL recently?

I don't use slic3r; does the file open in Meshlab?

It does open in Meshlab. Also, I opened it up in Netfabb and used its repair tools. The part had a large number of "holes" and some triangle issues. I may try making some simple shapes in OpenJSCad and see if I can build specific test cases.

It looks like you are printing them top-down. Wouldn't it be easyer to print them bottom-up?

Did that on purpose: this way the support material is easily removable. Printing them the other way round would fill the holes with support material.

I don't think any support is needed. Almost every printer should by able to bridge this small holes.

I guess so; just remove these lines if you want to print them unrotated:

// rotate shaft parts for better 3d printing:

That's fantastic, thanks for making me discover OpenJsCad :)

You're welcome :)

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