Hesine M505 Anet A8 (Prusa i3) X-Mounts incl. 8mm bearing (LM8UU) and belt tensioner

by Spirit00 Feb 3, 2017
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Are these set up for the 45mm or 46mm rod spacing?

you can measure the stl yourself, I sold my i3 clone some months ago

What bearing does fit into the idler pulley mount of the belt tensioner? I tried a standard toothed idler but it doesnt fit. The "fork" is too narrow

With the Anet A8 you got 2 separate small bearings, this two you have to reuse for this upgrade: https://img1.picload.org/image/rwcwdppi/img_5823.jpg
I don't know the indication number of this bearings, maybe someone can help me out at this point... ;-)

Any help will be appreciated! I dont think I have those original bearings anymore. I upgraded to another tensioner a while back

so what type of screw fit into the belt tensioner? I have a 3d printed m5 but it doesn't fit. What do you recommend?

4mm-.7 x 60mm cap screw - cap end into the tensioner, M4-.7 hex nut into the screw

I could only find a 50mm but it seems fine. Need m3's for the two other screws

ive got a newer version x mounts on my anet that have the fully enclosed end on the motor mount side

these are causing me issues with the tech2c x carriage as the spacings are slightly different on the bars that hold the carriage

could you confirm is these are the same dimensions as the older open style like the design

my files with support somehow get printed in such a way that the support gets very difficult to release. i am using the latest Slicer but still don't know how to efficiently put support to use... help would be really appreciated.. thanks in advance.

I've printed them with cura and simplify3d without any isues with automatic supports for angles above 45 degree

Anyway you could make em so that the spin rod part (with 3 screw holes) is at the top instead of lower part? Having it at the lower part for me is causing all kinds of wobble and stoppage. :(


Hesine M505 Anet A8 (Prusa i3) X-Mount incl. 8mm bearing (LM8UU) and belt tensioner (version with Z-rod screw mount at top)

Legit man! Very much appreciated! Also that was insanely fast :)

You're welcome, I hope I could help you out. You can post a make of it and test the things.

Comments deleted.

Works very well... made a small change to the belt tensioner to allow a shorter 40mm m4 bolt to be used by making a cut-out to fit a m4 nut into the leg of the part that holds the roller

But don't over tighten it, the bolt may get in touch with the belt.

What Screws and Washers are needed for the belt tightener?


I used M4x60 and pressfited a M4 nut into the thumbwheel. I had a gap between the tightener and the x-axis guiding bars, I put 2 M3 screws into the holes on the sides of the handle.

Do you have any recommendations on the best orientation to lay them in form printing?

just as the STLs are, already in best position. You will need a bit of support. The bearing should be printed in vertical position.

How are these working for you? Are you noticing any wear or wobble due to the lack of bearings?

One of my LMs came with the balls falling out of it so I am really considering this or going the drylin route. Only thing stopping me from printing is known that they are still working well for you.

Also, do you have the version without the Z endstop mount? I setup a auto tramming system so I won't be needing it.

http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2118686 here it is... without z-endstop

Hesine M505 Anet A8 (Prusa i3) X-Mount incl. 8mm bearing (LM8UU) and belt tensioner (version without Z-endstop)

I have an auto tramming also mounted, I will remix this to fit you need if you want to.

Oh man I just started printing the other version! :) I saw that the Z-Endstop was a separate stl so I just printed everything but that. I will see how this one prints out and maybe print out the new one as well. Question for you, why is it that all of the new x-axis mounts I see only use 3 bolts to hold the stepper motor in? The stock one uses all 4 and it seems like it would be better to have the extra support. Just curious.

I recommend putting some layout orientation for printing in the description as well. I am a newbie and am still learning about positioning so any extra information helps people like me.

Should be able to try these out in about 7 hours when they are finished printing! Excited!

The stock X mounts of the Anet A8 are using 3 screws to mount the stepper too; which printer do you have?

Yeah, maybe I should add some information about the optimal layout orientation for other people...

I have an Anet A8 that was delivered 3 days ago. Here is a pic of the X Axis Motor Mount from the back:


Ok, this seems to be a new revision, my A8 came with printed mounts (3 wholes for mounting the stepper). But it isn't really a matter, 3 mountingpoints are working just fine.

hi, I am using these things for about 2 weaks, the results are great. The movement is really smooth. No wobble, but I am still using the anti-wobbling things, didn't tried it without them.

Where did you mount your X end stop? On my stock brackets it mounts to the top of the left bracket but I don't see where it would mount on this without the wires hitting the belt or the threaded rod. Any chance you could upload a picture of yours?

Hesine M505 Anet A8 (Prusa i3) X-Mounts incl. 8mm bearing (LM8UU) and belt tensioner

Which material did you use?

filament: Gold Camel PLA 1.75mm
color: transparent