Kossel frame 2020

by mming1106 Dec 20, 2013
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Finally. I looked so dang hard for this Thing. I downloaded these files ages ago, built a Kossel with these corners, and then couldn't for the life of me find this Thing again to give credit. Thingiverse has an amazingly bad search algorithm, it makes it such a problem to find great Things like this.

Nice top frame, thanks!
Please, can you make a version for "M4 T-Nuts"?


Hi, which bolt size for nut trap for top tensioner please? M4? thank you :)

Сan anyone give settings for ABS, please?

Do you have the step file available?

Any chance you would be interested in making a 3030 build?

My Bazbot design is a 2525 (really 1" x 1" - sourced from seemecnc t-slot).

So happy you posted these! One question: what is the purpose of the diagonal M5 hole with the nut trap in the upper framepart?

Hi? Nice work. I have a question: Do you use the original stl file for the rest of the printed parts?

yes,for the rest printed parts use the original

what rod length for effector arms did you use? from eye to eye.

so 213mm e2e

You may want to consider the grooves in the base mounts like the original Mini Kossel. These grooves make it super easy to mount motors with a ball ended hex key. This way you can use the long part of the tool instead of trying to fit the small bend in the space to get the screws in. Just a thought for being more user friendly ;)

What thread bolts did you use?

these are M5

M3,M4,M5 all can use ;)

Is there any way you can please do a frame motor piece for the 2040? I have made this design and I am making another printer with a 2040 base. I would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks for the great design!

i don't have a 2040 model on my hand,so design 2040 base maybe difficult,sorry~

Thank you for sharing this. I am going through a problem if you could guide me. My printer (Prusa Mendel) prints in good tolerance on outer surface, but inner holes or feature like TSlot are printing small around about 0.5mm over. My print nozzle on spec is 0.36mm (but extruded filament usually show 0.5mm dia). My question is, is there is way to correct this without modifying original models? Thanks a lot!!

I'm planning to use these for a Mini Kossel build. Did you use MGN12 rails on your 20mm extrusions?

Just finishing up my last motor mount on this. I had to upscale it by 1.015x because the extrusion was too tight to fit even if I sanded it a bit. Printed in PLA.

A suggestion: The motor mounts could perhaps have the slots for a 20x40 extrusion and therefore the builder could use either 20x20 OR 20x40.

for 20mm x 20mm aluminum extrusion

What size aluminum extrusion is this designed for? 20mm, 25mm, 1in?

All I can source locally is 1 inch t-slot. any idea how to get STL files for that? (I'm printing scaled up frame pieces now, but I don't have high hopes)

I'm actually modeling some Delta/Kossel style frame parts for 1" extrusions myself. I post them when I'm done.

1 inch t-slot extrusion scale up of kossel mini
by grb352

Nice :D what color is this? I like the copper look.

:s color? You print it in whatever color you like ;)

your setting in solidworks :) ?

yes setting in solidworks