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PETG printed gears for the Toranado v2.1

by Pluto_MkII Feb 4, 2017
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it's good idea print this parts in ABS??

Hi Santi,

will you please tell me your results, if you print these gears in ABS? I didn't tried it yet, since my heated bed is faulty.

Best regards


is your small gear staying tight on the motor? Did you anneal the gears after printing? FYi - some discussion on annealing, including hot water annealing to shrink fit parts...

Wes originally design the Toranado to solve a number of frustrating issues, there were many, but 2 of these problems were:
1) printed gears loosening on shafts from heat, torque, and/or plastic stress relaxation
2) printed gear runout, required assembly with excessive gear meshing clearance for 1/2 the big gear rotation to prevent binding/friction

The solution was quality hobbed metal gears .. but I can understand the desire to save some money and print these gears instead .. it's a tradeoff, save some money, in exchange for the 2 problems above. For me personally, after a few lost 10 hour prints due to problem #1 .. a few bucks for purpose built metal gears seemed cheap. FYI - I have personally measured the runout on Wes' gears, they really are deadly accurate (sourced in USA at top notch gear hobber, not some junk shop in China).

The small gear is staying tight on the motor, it is a thight fit, too.
Yes, quality hobbed metal gears are way better than PETG printed gears. I designed this alternative, because of the lack of quality hobbed metal gears. Thanks to the maker of the toranado, they are available again and there is no need to use lower quality gears made out of printed PETG.

Just got it printed and doesn't work with 48p pinion gear guess you have to use both these printed parts

As the description says: "but I changed the tooths, so the small gear comes with 20 tooths and a modul of 0.5. The big gear comes with 100 tooths and a modul of 0.5". So you need to print both gears.

The number of tooth of a gear is usually a prime number but at least the two gears tooth number must be relatively prime. This to avoid localized wear.

Thanks for your input. I'll think about tooth correction for a later revision of this part.

Has it come to fruition?
I'd love to build me some Tornado :D