by shellmo Dec 20, 2013
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Shellmo haunts my dreams

magnificent design...

Your design is simply amazing! Thanks for sharing the files :)

Awesome! love the drive mechanism :)

Charming design. Unfortunately as you noted it's not very well suited for reprap type printers.
I just examined some parts and it would be rather difficult to print them without support and additional tooling.
I was looking for centipede style robot to print but it seems I have to design it for my own.

Hi, What material did you use to print, PLA/ABS? How can I colorize it, what paint should I use to paint like this?

This one is printed by Shapeways 3D printing service.
The material is Nylon("Strong and Flexible Plastic").
I colored it with "Dylon" a kind of dye.

More about Shapeways materials:

My page on Shapeways:

Beautifully made! You are an artist.

Are the designs can be modified ?

It's made by Google sketchup, so if you will try to modify, it's better to use the same software.

Nicely designed! I am still curious about the eyeball movement. Very cool!

This is an amazing robot! The movements look so fluid and lifelike! Excellent job!

Thank you very much!
I like living things, so, my robot also become like living things, too.
I saw your "MiniCNC". That's simple but, very interesting.

I love it!

Thank you for sharing, You are both adorable!

Thank you!

I saw your "Kreepy Krawler". That's awesome design ! So, I followed you !

This is AWESOME.
When you finish the "Make" part in the webpage I will definitely be making one.

Thank you!
I will finish a page of "Making Micropede" by three days later.
I want you to try making "Micropede" at first.
Any way, please ask me anything that you want to know.

Thank you!
I feel Shellmo is the most adorable robot in the world!

this is absolutely awesome! thank you!

No. I have to say thank you. Thank you for intelested in my Shellmo.