Orange juicer by Samuel Bernier, Project RE_

by samuel Apr 5, 2012
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That's great ! :-)

I printed it in... orange of course

Didn't get all the way through the print, but it doesn't fit the wide mouth pasta sauce jars that I have. It's the same width as a typical salsa jar I get here in the US. The ridges for threading are a little tough to print since there's no taper to them.

I wonder if the walls could be thinner. It appears to be quite a thick print. I do like the look of it versus some of the other juicers here though.

As to orientation, I find that if I start my model on the front plane in Solidworks, then it prints well. The front plan is analogous to the build bed.

Another trick I use is after the base of the item is done, I make the bottom face red. This avoids accidentally adding features to the wrong side.

Yes, I realised that a bit late ;)

Awesome design! But what is consideres "food safe extrusion material"?

The closest thing we've got to a food safe material is natural PLA, assuming that you're printing it with a nozzle that isn't contaminated with ABS.

If you really want to play it safe, give it a coating of food safe urethane paint.

Interesting method. I didn't now urethane was food safe. Doesn't PLA dissolves in water?

PLA takes forever to degrade. As long as you hand wash and dry, it will last a long time. I made Dishwasher inserts that lasted over a month of daily hot cycles before they became brittle.

Cool! This is great news!

any plastic taste?

cool concept tho...

Yes, I do consider. I'm stll not sure about what format to use. .step, obj, .sat, or the original .sldprt... A suggestion?

Iusually publish the STL for general use, but try to upload the original Solidworks files, as well. Don't forget to add Solidworks as a tag.

I just experimented with exporting a .3dm file containing 7 objects to .step, .sat and .iges from MoI3D. step appears to offer the smallest file size for a given geometry - it also retained object names which iges and sat did not. I think any of those three should be usable in most 3D CAD systems. No idea about the widespread usability of the obj format. Great concept! Looking forward to making one. :)

Would you consider releasing source files?

Fantastic design! This has rocketed up my 'Must Print' list. Now, anyone for Squeezed Orange?

Get some errors from slic3r about the object not being manifold and self intersecting facets. Gcode looks fine, however. I would have to rotate this to print successfully. Could you rotate in the source program and re-export as STL?

I reoriented but had no errors and it scaled and printed perfectly

This weird since it was modeled from in solid. All facets should intersect without problem. Got an autofix part on slic3r?

I just ran it through netfabb repair and export and resliced without any trouble. Tried reducing the filesize by simplified in meshlab, but that was my first attempt and it ended up just adding extraneous faces.

Nicely made and very clever application.

Beatiful model - scales down perfectly to produce a lemon/lime juicer