Nissan Skyline GTR

by stunner2211 Feb 5, 2017
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nice car! my best friend loves it.

Do you have any tips for printing the wheels? It seems like i cant print them right. I would like to design my own wheel. Could you share the CAD by email? That would be awesome.

Great model buddy and congrat on your car collection. Ill make sure to post it when it is painted.


I printed wheels always with the outside down. That works great for me.

This printed fine at original scale and at 3x, but when I tried to scale up (6x), it crashed 5hrs into a 15hr print - (just sat in the middle making a blog of molten filament). The wheels (on the partial) also snapped off when I was trying to remove the support/platform. I will try again, but I'm quite frustrated...

Failed again - perfect print to about half way, then it stops and extrudes a molten blob in the middle and "hangs". There is clearly some fault in the code at scales above 3x...?

I've got it to complete at 4x scale - however, it does not print the spoiler (at any scale). What it does is skip the supports for the spoiler, and then try to extrude filament into empty space off the back of the model (in mid-air) to print the fin of the spoiler without any structure beneath it...

The wheel supports could also be strengthened.

But, even with all the above apparent negativity, it's still a nice design. Thanks.

Normaly there is no issue with this files. Maybe its your slicer or anything wrong with the firmware.
I had the same issue a year ago. For me it was a wrong setting in the double step frequency.

No, it printed at 4x scale - but the spoiler never comes out (at any scale). At 4x, the print tried to extrude the spoiler fins without making any kind of connecting structure first - so, I got strands extruding in mid-air off the back end of the car.

I'm kinda new to 3D printing so maybe I'm not doing it right but im trying to print the wheels and the center comes up a mess since I dont see how it is supposed to print the all inners without being supported. I tried printing face down and the way it shows in the picture....

Looks great, I'm going to print this out for my son... He's a big fan of Godzilla

Which scale is this at? I intend to make it 1:32 for slot racing because it is so cool.

The length is 16,43mm (0,646inch) and the width 6,99mm (0,275inch). Hope it helps.

hey man, could you send the blueprint to me. Much appreciated. The GTR looks good btw.

Sure. I can send you all my blueprints, Pictures and measure i used for it.
Do you have a E-Mail adress?

Looks like a Model taken from Sketchup. And you say YOU modelled it yourself?

Can you send me the link to the file you mean?

One month later still no respond. Thanks for your professional and constructive comment.

the spoiler doesnt print right at all like it print to the back of the trunk up straight

I´ve uploaded a thicker Spoiler for easier print

thanks for the reply but my printer no longer works. well it works but it never prints good anymore like its level but it prints really thing and doesn't look good. so i might have to get a new printer or new extruder but that's like 400 dollars lol

That sucks dude, how much did it cost for the printer?

900 dollars and it would cost me 400 dollars to fix it

was this from a 3D scan or done by hand?

Made by hand. Its nearly impossible to find a skyline in austria.