Cthulhu Idol

by Kubold Feb 6, 2017
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I made it with ligth pretty cool design

Beautiful! Printed great on my Ender 5 with zero infill and no supports, using the standard 'fine' (0.1mm) settings in Cura. Took about 8 hours, but worth every minute. I had a bit of trouble with small holes appearing on my print on the upper inside of the wrists - the deep wells there - but I added small internal supports, and the issue disappeared. Using basic green PLA, and painting to make it look metallic/age it. I'm printing several and using them as gifts to my Call of Cthulhu RPG group, I'm sure they will be thrilled. Awesome model, with total fidelity to the description in Chapter 2 "The Tale of Inspector Lagrasse" from H.P. Lovecraft's classic "The Call of Cthulhu." Doesn't get any better, most satisfying prints yet off my 3D printer. Wish I could tip! Great work!

Can this be printed hollow? I am wanting to tune it into a lamp that is lit from the bottom with LED's

it can. i did it. 0.2 layer height. 3-4 walls (sorry can remembber very well) and 4 bot, 6 top

This model is being sold at Verkami, infringing the license, I believe.


i'd be a good idea to spam their instagram with the "Cthulhu Idol by Kubold is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial license." messasge... xD

Is there a way I can get in contact with the designer of this?

well.. yeah... taking in account that the designer of this is actually named on the thing... you just only need to check his profile for that

Can you please make one without a tail, it would be much appreciated!

What bronzefill did you use for this and where did you get it?

Hello, the model looks great but I cannot print it. Simply 3d tells me it is not watertight even after repairing it in meshmixer. What am I doing wrong ?

I dont know you, but it looks like soemthinggot screwd up at Meshmixer... the file by itself is water tight and can be printed directly to Simplify3D... did you tried again?

I started from the beginning ,(new download, repaired in meshmixer : make solid, reduce and then inspector) and it's printing now ! Thanks for the help !

Hello, thanks for the fast answer ! I even tried to slice the original file in cura, but it would do it... The "save to removable disk" button is gray.
I will try something new later and keep you posted.

Are you able to elaborate on what paints / painting techniques you used? I LOVE the patina and look of what you did. My daughter and I want to make it look somewhat similar. Our .2 layer height print in PETG is almost done.Thanks

also... i just read the description...
"Made with intention of printing with bronzefill and aging it with salt and vinegar mixture to produce a patina."

Oops. Missed that. Had no idea bronze filament could be altered like that. Make sense didn't realized it had that much metal content in it. I'll have to try it. Thanks

Hello! He told so in a fb page some time ago.
used a bronze filament, and speed up the oxidation process so it would be like that, then lightly sanded it

what happen whit a 0.1 resolution?

It will be a little bit smoother

That's a hell of a model, I've came here from Dürum&Bass Instagram (which I reached from Propnomicon blog).
I think this is by far one of the best renderings of the model depicted in the short-story, it's simplicity make it even better.
Thank you for sharing (tryed to tip but you don't have the feature enabled).

Thank you! I have tipping turned off because, honestly I have no idea how to deal with such thing if it comes to taxes.

Love it. How did you model it, in which Software?

Yup, just sculpted it in ZBrush, but you could do it as easly in MayaLT or Blender. No special technique here, just make a cube and start sculpting.

Thanks for your answer man! How long did it take?

One evening. I probably should have polished it more, but I just wanted to test out the bronzefill rusting asap :)

This one came out really, really nice. I'm sad that it's the only creation you have here! I'm going to subscribe just in case you post some more things! Love the design, vaguely begging for you to do some more!

He used zBrush.