Amazon Echo Dot Acoustic Case

by Imitkov17 Feb 5, 2017
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I printed this last night with no supports and it came out great! I'll post a make.

Will a 3rd Gen Dot fit in this?

No, this was specifically designed for the original Dot to improve sound (and aesthetics) as the speaker is pointing downward. The Dot Gen 3 has completely different dimensions, the speaker is pointing outward and the sound is considerably improved.

The v2 speaker points to the side and the v3 speaker points down with port pointing to the sides. I'll scale it up in CURA and see how it sounds.

This made my Echo Dot 13dB louder! I'm amazed at how great it fit and how much better it sounds now.

Thanks for designing this!

Hi qJake,

Thanks for the info. I designed the case trying to improve the sound and looks but never could measure the sound improvement as I don't have the required tools.

What fill level do you use for this? I figured the cone was hollow and so left my fill at 95%... it's a long old print job...
Does it need to be solid?

No need to be solid. I usually print with 15%-25% infill depending on application. I think 15% should be fine for this case. I only use high infill rates if the item I'm printing needs to be structurally sound.

Thanks for your prompt reply... I will set accordingly :)

How do you make it only put supports by the plug? It ended up filling in 1/2 of all the dots because I had supports enabled in cura.

I found that it prints just fine without any supports if your printer has a print cooling fan. However, I also believe the enclosed oval hole to serve no useful purpose. The Dot's removal would be much more convenient if the upper bridge were removed. No need to unplug the USB connector in order to separate the Dot from the stand.

Regardless, IMO, it's best Echo Dot stand design on Thingiverse in terms of easy to print, aesthetics and functionality.

Thanks VegasGuy! Maybe someone can make a remix and remove the bridge. I unfortunately can't locate the original project.

You are quite welcome. As long as you don't mind, I may do a remix.

I don't upload remixes, I just make the changes for my own use. I'll see what I can come up with and get back to you with the results.

I don't mind. There are few remixes already so you are welcome to upload yours.

Imitkov17, I have uploaded my remix of your great design: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3271778.

Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Gen Stand REMIX

If you are still struggling with this, you could try ideamaker, A Free slicer alternative that has the ability to add manual supports

I use Simplify3D which allows me to manually put supports. I would imagine Cura has similar option.

Can someone that uses Cura comment please?

Cura is designed for newbs like me I think. ;) It has options for supports "everywhere" or "touching buildplate". Guess I'll just have to play with it.

Something to consider if you do a redesign is perhaps include breakout supports in the plug area? Even with the holes partially filled still works well..just not as "purdy" as it could be..I suppose if I was bored I could drill out the holes. ;) Thanks for sharing it.

Have you seen the "jam classic speaker" yet? Sells for around $20. I'm waiting for someone to print a stand that you can drop one of those into then the echo dot on top. You can purchase "stands" that look like skulls or an owl head but they are around $25 each.


Sorry for the late reply!

Yes, I will try to add breakout supports when I find time.

As for the Jam, I am trying to understand how will this work. Can you keep the jam alwas plugged in and connected to the Dot? Does the Jam speaker provide better sound and where is the speaker located? From the picture it looks like it's on top. This will make things a bit difficult especially if we want to keep the Dot on top. Keeping it on the bottom is not a good option either since the Dot's mic and buttons are on the top of the device. There have to be some kind of divider. Can you share the stand link so I can have better idea?

I added a remix with breakaway supports, if you want to use my model go for it.

Echo Dot Acoustic Case with Breakaway Supports

The jam CAN be kept plugged in and you can do both headphone connections or in this case I think they are using the bluetooth connection. The speaker IS on the top however nothing says the jam can't be put in upside down The mug tends to make me think this is the case. IN this case the echo would then sit on the bottom of the upside down jam.

The item I saw was: https://smile.amazon.com/FitSand-Crafted-Station-Generation-Classic/dp/B06XVH18MG/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=U

It's a powered bluetooth speaker and in my opinion is clearer and louder which is not bad for a $20 bluetooth speaker.

Does this make a difference in sound quality? I thought the speaker was on top?

Actually the speaker is on the bottom. As far as I cen tell without using any tools the bass sounds a little better. Also the case allows you to put the Dot anywhere virtually keeping the same sound quality. For example you can place it on a soft cloth or a pillow. Doing so without the case will change the sound quality drastically since the speaker is on the bottom and relies on the hard surface to reflect the sound.