Alien Queen

by sandon Feb 7, 2017
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Probably one of the best models I've seen of this character. I 'm going to print this model and acknoledge you as the true master skulpter, whom created it.

Well done sir, it is a monumental piece of art worthy of the highest praise.

I offer you sincere respect in the hope you continue to upload more awesome models such as this and not let those one or two thieving
no good non moralistic D#!K heads discurrage you. Cheers Jace

just tell me what files to print and at what scale is that the repetition of these and the difference in scale in these has me confused

I'm a bit confused, and apologize for my English.
I can not be well There are several files and they are repeated, I want to do the project. already printed: alien sub tool 1 and I scale it to 300%, you tell me what other files I print and at what scale I'm confused

just tell me what files to print and at what scale is that the repetition of these and the difference in scale in these has me confused

Comments deleted.

Can anyone explain the size differences in the different .stl files... ie ending in "re", or "row" or with out these. Which of these endings go with the others? For instance I printed the larger head, Alien_subtool1re.stl at 150%. It turned out great! But next I printed the mantle/crown, Alien_subtool4.stl at 150% and it is still to small to fit over the head? Looking at Alien_stubtool1, this model is tiny compared to the "re" version without scaling, and same goes for the other mantle file.. alien_subtool4row. I was under the impression, that the larger version of each body part fit together / could be scaled together at the same % and still fit? What am I missing here? I'm Using Cura by FDM printer.

Sorry I set the wrong two file sizes.
I've changed the next two files to the right size.
Alien_Subjool 6_row

so which files do I want to use for fdm? What are the RE files vs ROW vs without these. I printed the ROW mantle, but i dont think there is a ROW head??

re, row
The above case is only a small amount.

If nothing else, use alien_SubTool1~12
alien_SubTool1 is the head.

So you mean if I use the subtool files without RE or ROW I should be good and they should fit together when scaled the same? correct?

For those printing this in FDM... are you using IRONING?

Before I begin this at 150%, suggestions on supports for the head...Teeth/mouth? I'm assuming everyone added supports and spent days removing them without breaking teeth?

I gently went over the teeth with a soldering iron before removing the supports. It helps to blend the layers a little more to make them strong enough to remove them with little breakage.

Thank you for your advice.
First, he changed the direction of the teeth and the shape of the jaw.
Only resin printers will be able to print without support.

If you use an FDM printer, you'll have to cut it up and down.
Do you have any other ideas?

Ps. I'm using a translator now. Understand poor English.

The original designer had done a great job on this model, simply claiming ownership does not contribute to to entitlement.
All logo's and designs are property of 20th Century Fox and Disney.
https://www.thingiverse.com/legal/terms and see also https://www.foxmovies.com/terms-and-conditions which i strongly recommend you read and abide by.
Permission should be sought with 14 days notice from today for rightful attributions included in any posted material.
Also please give praise to the original designer.
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Thats not cool Dazza, stealing Sandons work when it was he whom has put hours and hours of work into this model. Sure, Fox, Lucas, Disney, Sigourney Weaver, hey even Bill Paxton probably own the fundamental rights to the murchandising of it. But when you put your heart and soul into a model and through it up here for all to enjoy for Free FREE, with no real affiliation to the franchise or monetry gain other than you created a copy from a well loved movie icon that you modelled, modelled all by yourself. Only to have it ripped from under you and reposted for no good reason, other than that person claiming redistributionain of the file for higher glory self satisfaction , in my few is dispicable thing to do!

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I know I have no legal claim to the trademark.
What I'm saying is
You're wrong about posting the model I had sculpted.
Do you think it is the right thing to do?
If you want to post something on the singivers, please scrap and post it yourself.

hi sir,
first of all thanks for share this fantastic model. but i have more difficult to print the chest. can you give me some tips? i use cura

Thank you for your feedback.
This is my beginning work.
There will be many problems.
If you give us continuous feedback, we promise to correct it for you.

Just got a Creality 10S and am going to start on this. Thanks for taking the time to make the STL and for sharing it.


your model is absolutely fantastic and I would love to print it myself (peopoly Moai). I started with the head (alien_SubTool1.stl) and as I run auto repair in Meshmixer, all teeth and muscle is gone. Any idea of printing it without auto-repair and just adding support?
Thanks for help :-)


use -- alien_SubTool1(re).stl
good day~~

Hey Sandon,
thank you very much. The head came out nice, some teeth are missing though. I'll give it another try.
Thanks for your help!


Totally awesome! Thank you for sharing, this is amazing work, you should be proud.

haha! Thank you for use!!!!

Wondering if you might have the seperate tail sections. The final print size I am going with is the size of a German Sheppard, so was hoping to print each section seperate:)

Size of a German Sheppard?

ABORT MISSION. just dont do it.
I recently printed it on 300%. It cant hold its one weight. About 400h to print.
On the other hand: It looks just awesome if its so big.

I made mine at 300%, but added dowel holes through all the parts, so the tail has a series of steel bars going through the whole thing, the body and head needed the same treatment. the legs have bars going through most of them, apart from the feet. I'll be adding threaded bars in them when I mount it to a display panel. It'l be bolted in place.
turned out pretty strong.
You're right! looks freakin awesome! lol

I made mine without any of your Additions. I made it with - let me guess - about 14 Tubes of superglue :DDDDDD

good plan !! you start print other parts.
I need more time to make seperate tail sections!

thanks for that great model. Printed it on 300% Scale. Just big and awesome. Will fit perfectly to my facehugger in life size :DDD

300% Great job!!
I want to see it!!!!

Hi mate, What printer did you use for this?

Hi. This is using 'form2' dlp printer.
I want to use fdm printer. too

thanks for the quick response. I thought so coz it's pretty smooth. I have a Wanhao i3 Plus So I am guessing this might be a little impossible for me to print? Just starting 3D printing so will save this for when I am a bit better and know how to slice the model in to sections properly. thanks for posting this. It looks fantastic

for fdm slice need remeshed and solid some parts. Because some shells (poligons) Intersect. Slicer is going crazy ..

This will be even more fantastic when you print this

It's impossible) How did you remove the support?

Try again.
I uploaded it for you.

Oh, thank you very much. Great job !! It's worth it to be on the main page.