Maker Box Filament Sample Spool

by Dingoboy71 Feb 7, 2017
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I love this. It also works for the Amazon Basic sample pack. The only thing I think I will do is create a divider so I can load two sample packs on at the same spool going opposite directions. I also wonder what it would take to get this to work as a master spool.

Richard Horne, who developed the Master Spool, actually credited the spool that inspired this one as his source. I made sure to tell him that mine was actually a remix of the original design. Not sure if he updated the video or not. He mentioned it right around 2:45: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtdcciXnfM8&t=2s

Any chance you can split into halves? I have been printing in quarts but lot of adhesion required. Thanks so much!

I can probably do that. I am a bit busy at the moment, but I will try to get it done over the weekend. I'll respond here when It's done.

Thanks! Much appreciated

Decided to put of some chores for a few minutes, as it wasn't a very difficult thing to get done. The additional files have been uploaded. Hope they work out OK. Enjoy!

Thanks very much!

So I finally got all four pieces printed out, used Gorilla Superglue to assemble with tape to hold while curing...then I went to try multiple Maker Box filament reels and none would fit on this printed model. I tried to do as you said and put finger under..but the spools are simply smaller than the default size of this filament holder. What can be done to fix?

I'm not sure what to tell you, except that if the filament sample is too small in diameter, you need to get your fingers inside it & wiggle them to expand the sample. Most of them will slowly wiggle out to a larger diameter. It's not 2 seconds of work- it takes a little patience. In a 1 or 2 of the more stubborn cases, I have just grabbed one end of the sample, stuck it into one of the anchor holes in the spool, and wound it onto the spool by hand.

Here's my resolution: I scaled down to 88.31% and it seems to be working fine :)

Would this be able to be split so that it will fit a 150mm bed?


I think that would be tough to do unless you split each half into either thirds or quarters. Then you'd have a lot of gluing to do afterwards to assemble each half. And it would need to be done fairly accurately to ensure the threads fit and operate smoothly.

If you don't know how to do that, and you still want to try it, I can split it up for you. Just let me know.

I would be so very grateful if you could do that. I'm still so very new to 3d printing.

I'll try to get to it by the weekend. Don't want to rush & make a mistake. I'll reply here once I have the files up, so you'll get a notification.

Thank you so much. It's really appreciated.

Good morning... just finished cutting the objects into 4 pieces each. The pieces are 90x90mm, so easily printable on a 150mm bed, even a 100mm bed. Have not tried printing & assembling them. I would imagine a 2 part epoxy would work best for durability, especially since tightening the threads will stress those glue joints. ALSO, before gluing, be sure to align those threads to each other to make sure you're not gluing with pieces in the wrong spots. If I was better at CAD, I would have tried to make the joints different so they wouldn't match if they were in the wrong spots, but I'm not. lol So be careful. Hate to see you print for hours & then ruin it by forgetting to check the threads before gluing. :-) (That sounds like something I would do)

If you make one, please post the results & leave details regarding what type of adhesive you use, how long to cure, etc. If it all works out, I'll add that info to the main description.

Awesome!! Thank you so much Dingoboy71.

You are very welcome. I hope it prints & assembles without much hassle, and proves to be useful.

Are you sure this is scaled right? It is about 1" to big in diameter compared to all of my Makerbox spools.

I've found that the MakerBox samples are somewhat inconsistent in their coil diameter. I mean, they're only packaged in Ziploc bags, after all. I measured the coil size of 6 different samples from different months & found them between 120-145mm. (So about an inch variance, as you note) I opted to make the spool diameter 140mm so that the spools with the loosest wind would fit fairly well. The more tightly wound samples, I just put my fingers into the coil & gently "pry" them open enough to fit on the spool by wiggling my fingers.

If I had opted to go for the opposite end, 125mm, then the looser coils would have been rather sloppy on the spool. My goal with this design was to reduce the slop I was experiencing when winding my MakerBox samples into a spool designed for the $5 Filament coils, which are much more tightly wound.

(In my photo, that's the Proto Pasta Glitter Flake sample, which was my loosest coil of all. I didn't have to pry it open at all, and you can see it's actually a bit loose on the spool.)

Hey, thanks. Nowhere near as elegant as your original. But it's functional. :-)