Back Scratcher

by mikron007 Feb 7, 2017
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My wife put this on my "honey print list" - thanks for sharing.

  1. Simplify3d has trouble with the base of handle. The part of handle meant to help with adhesion. Simplify3d brings that feature in below the build plate. I dont know why - Maybe because it's too thin??? I'm not sure why just letting you know.

  2. Had to print the handle 3 times for success. Some users may need additional help with this part.
    Try1: I adjusted the zheight of handle to make it above flush with build plate (see above) - failed with about 20mm left to print, detached from build plate.
    Try2: Increased zhop - still fail
    Try3: No zhop, extra 25mm brim, in addition to your base, glue stick - success

I'm glad that your wife enjoy in this, and you have one less concern now :D

I sliced all files with Cura. All prints succeed in first try.
If your nozzle bumps in infil or walls, maybe your flow is set too high or the first layer isn't set correctly.

Please post make of your Back Scratcher.

when i load the hand stl theres a slant in the screw spacing so the screw cant fit

I cut into thread a little with knife and it fits perfectly.