3DLabPrint Spitfire XVI Accessories

by gowen Feb 8, 2017
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Thanks for designing the fuselage reinforcement for the section 4/5 joint. I kind of dropped mine on the nose a bit on the second landing and the fuselage let go at this joint. Rebuilding due to some damage in the nose as well.


I'm glad it was useful to you. Apparently the full size Spitfire used to break at that joint as well.

BTW I'm very tempted to try and remove the servo inside the fuse vs on the tail.
What do you think?

It would be worth a try. I'm running 60g of nose weight. The 9g servo is 40cm behind the CofG and the nose weight is 16cm in front. Moving the servo could save 20g or more.

When I flew mine I actually think I had too much weight in the nose.

I'm going to reduce and try again but will print your battery try.
That tapered front end will get the setup a few mm forward over my initial design.

Mine is balancing dead on the recommended CofG although it would have been easier to check if the CofG marks where on the top surface so it could be balanced upside down. I was flying it at lunchtime today and it really does fly well. I didn't see any pitch up/down tendencies when flying up and down wind. I can see how being nose heavy could cause that.

I did put marks on top so I could flip it over. It balanced neutral but as you saw in the video seem to pitch a lot.

Now I'm using a very light weight power setup but eh it flew :)

Mine pitched a lot on its first flight, but that was because it didn't have any expo. Doh!

Yeah I had the rates jacked way high as well.

Gowen, These are fantastic. What motor/prop/esc are you using to with your 4S2200mAh?

I have a 6S1300mAh setup right now and its significantly wider but really short. Im thinking about chopping off the batter tray and side to leave a single wall to lash battery to. I hope to pull this off in slicer. This should allow me to fit the battery snugly to prevent both forward and backwards movement. I like the idea of the ESC plug as well.

Again great work, I hope to see more 3dlabprint upgrades in the future!

I'm running the 6s 1300mah battery. I made a battery holder for mine that lets me put 60g of screw on weights in the front half of the battery compartment ahead of the battery. I was planning on trying the 6s 1800mah but it is 80g heavier than the 1300mah so that is going to make it a little too nose heavy. Especially after I move the tail servo to the cockpit.

I'm using the recommended Turnigy D3530/14 1100KV Brushless Outrunner Motor with a TGS Precision Sport Propeller 9x6. At the moment I've only flown it on a 3S 2200mAh, but I've got a 4S ready to go. Good luck with modding the battery tray. if you get stuck let me know the battery dimensions and I'll model one specifically to suit.