Monster® Spinner Cap

by Zigian Feb 8, 2017
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Well, I mean, I learned from Joel Telling. Here is his vid on multi-color design and printing on a single extruder. But if it's not sufficient, let me know and I can throw one together.


I didn't use illustrator/photoshop though. I just threw it together in tinkercad and printed like he did in S3D.

I am trying to do this with some other symbols but am new to 3d printing so I'm a bit lost. Do you have your original tinkercad design file that I could check out. Your design is awesome!

Here ya go: https://www.tinkercad.com/things/9y3X8PqfNYk-monster-spinner-cap/editv2?sharecode=e8u263IK22RjvbAprYrk0GmcnsMVuiJOZBFkBJ-fGYs=

So if you click that, it dosn't work because the clickable link doesn't include the = at the end. So just add that to the end or copy/paste the link.

Thanks you are awesome! I have a lot to learn cuz I would have never expected it to look like that haha, with the logo under the grid. Tinkercad for dummies here I come. Thanks again, hopefully I will get this figured out in a reasonable amount of time heh.

It's really only under the grid just because I had it that way. It doesn't have to be. You can raise the cap up and have the logo cutout be on the grid. Also, if you are learning to model stuff, I'd recommend starting with Fusion 360 instead. Especially if you want to do parametric modelling and have more control. Tinkercad is a great tool, don't get me wrong. But, if you really want to get into modeling, Fusion is the way to go. Transitioning from Tinkercad to Fusion took me a while because it works quite a bit differently. I'd be happy to remodel the cap in Fusion if you want to go that route. I already have a better cap modelled in fusion. All I'd have to do is import the logo and I'd be done with it.

That would be awesome if you wouldn't mind. I have heard of people using fusion too just wasn't sure which one was better. I have 3 different logos I want to put on caps and your design looked exactly how I want mine to look. Did you do the logo in a different program?

Oh also, to learn the basics of how to model in 360, check out this video from Angus at Maker's Muse. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGtNLpYSXOU

Furthermore, Jonathan Odom from Instructables puts on regular webinars teaching you to model in Fusion:

Unfortunately he's on Lesson 3 of this run of them, but keep an eye on that link for the next series of webinars for Fusion.

No I did this design in Tinkercad. I found a black and white image of the Monster logo, converted it to an SVG with an online image converter. Or, you can convert to SVG in Inkscape by following this tutorial:

With an SVG, you can then import it into Fusion as a sketch and then extrude it to cut into the cap. I've attached my cap design with the monster logo cut out of it as Fusion360 file (MonsterCap.f3d)