9mm Magazine Speed-Loader

by jsteuben Dec 21, 2013
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Printed 100% infill with Amazon PLA and it cracked almost immediately trying to put the 41st round into my Glock 31 round magazine with a Taran Tactical +10 basepad.

A .zip inside a .7z inside a .zip? Really?

It works on S&W Shield 9 and CZ 75B magazines, but the "finger" is too fragile.

Here's my remix with a fatter finger: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3655330

The remix works with S&W Shield 9mm, CZ 75B 9mm, and Ruger P345 45ACP.

9mm & .45 thumb saver

Great speed loader! just added a remix for Springfield XDS 45.

Works great with CZ P07 mags. Printed on Anycubic i3 Mega without supports. Thumbs up!

Works fine for my Taurus G2S 9mm

Works for a friends KelTec but doesn't clear the mag catch on my FN FNS9

This is super useful for my Springfield XD 9mm magazines. The XD magazines use notoriously heavy springs, and you'll bust up your fingers in no time (if you're a cubical worker like myself) loading freehand. I printed two of these in Hatchbox PLA (black) at 0.1mm layer height and they're perfect.

Worked well on my S&W M&p 2.0 9mm compact. Thank you for making this.

Nice work! Just finished a print and it works great with a CZ P10C mag! Two thumbs up!

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Fits Beretta 92FS 10 round mag well enough. Printed this part on Prusa i3 mk2s without supports, came out nice.

Absolutely perfect with my Springfield xd mod2 9mm

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About 3.5mm too wide for Beretta 92F OEM 15-bullet magazine. Works, but wobbles unnecessarily. I'll have to do a remix later...

Works great on my Beretta 92S magazines. The push-down pin was a little wide, but some sanding took care of that. Thanks!

just made one to use with the pt111 g2, works fine, the push down pin is a hair wide i think, has to be lined up just rite to push down every time without hitting the sides of the pin. i printed at 50% since most test show there is minimal gain between 40% and 100% infill at .2 and 2 layers.

Thanks for posting that jrrust, my fingers are so sore after shooting yesterday from loading my mags. Wasnt sure about the 111 so thanks.

Works on Shield and Bodyguard, tho could use something on the sides to help press it down.

worked very well for my Springfield XD9 service model.

Just used it on my Springfield xd mod 2 double stack. Works great.

Works fine in my Walther PPS M2. Thanks!

This does not seem to work for Sig Sauer P250 / P320 mags. :(

I printed one for my Sig Sauer P250 9mm magazine. It worked for me right off the printer.

This works wonders for my M&P 9C. The mags are an absolute pain to load, especially in 20 degree (F) weather. Thank you.

I can concur this works perfectly for a Beretta m9 mag. Makes life much easier! Printed using the recommended settings and the default orientation with a tech-g filament. Hardly any deburring required. Thanks for the upload!

does this work with glock mags?

Unfortunately it doesn't work with Glock mags at all.
H&K SFP9 with problems.

Thanks for this! I just bought a M&PC 9mm yesterday and its a pain in the butt to load manually.

Curious if this would work with a 40cal clip in a PX4 Storm, anyone try something similar?

did you try it I have the same thing.

Yes and it works great!

Is this for some kind of hole making tool?

Comments deleted.

Printing now and I'm curious to see how the bridge will be accomplished without supports...

I was forced to stop the print because my slicer/printer couldn't make the bridge happen. I'll try again with supports.

Update: I reprinted with the design flipped 200 degrees (on to the base) and with light supports. It turned out great! The supports were easy to remove from the inside and it cleaned up easily.

Update 2: I am using Simplify3d now and I am able to print in the original orientation. I manually added support to the outside to assist the bridge at the top. It prints extremely well this way and there is no clean up whatsoever now other than to snap off the support from the outside. Awesome.

I compared it to the issue Beretta one we use and it's virtually identical. Tested with a mag just now and it's perfect. Thank you!

Can any one make a 3d printer speed loader for a 5.56 nato round

I'd love to see a .40 cal version of this!

Worked pretty well with my Beretta Px4 Storm .40 S&W magazines!

Thank you for this info:)

Printed at .3mm layers and 100% fill and despite some under extrusion issues making it look a bit less than perfect, it works great on my 17rnd S&W M&P9 double stack mags.

Glad to hear that it works on S&W mags, didn't have any to test.