Fidget Toy Hand Spinners for 1/2" Ball Bearings

by FluxAxiom Feb 10, 2017
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I've printed several of these on my FDM printer and my sons love them. I was trying to print one of them on my resin printer and it cracks in half when I try to put the balls in, is there a ready way to convert these into a snap-fit two-piece model so that I can assemble them without cracking my resin prints?

Glad your sons are enjoying the design! Have you tried tinkercad? Even for someone with little to no experience it is pretty easy to import and modify a model. I haven't designed anything for resin yet as I don't have a resin printer. I imagine the tolerances are different they are very different materials, but anyway a snap fit closure would have to be designed or borrowed from something else. And as you are seeing the material is not well suited for being flexible, as in a snap hinge. If you aren't printing with translucent material you could just split in half in tinkercad and glue the pieces - I've done a few poured resin molds this way, splitting a 3d model in half and printing fdm, making 2 silicon molds from halves and then gluing the cast resin pieces together. Alternately you could enlarge the ball holes and glue the balls in. Or even I'm wondering if they have a more flexible resin? Let me know if you find something that works out

Okay, I was going to try Fusion360. I am printing in a colored transparent resin, so gluing is sort of out, but I'm going to try remixing them with some snap-fit edges as the resin should have just enough flexibility for that before the secondary curing, then it'll cure together into a single piece during the secondary curing. If I can't get it with fusion360, I'll try tinkercad.
Thanks for the feedback, I'll post as a remix if it's successful.

My son Loves the fidget spinner
Where do I get the balls to go into that fidget spinner?
What size are they?

They are 1/2" or .5 inch ball bearings. You may have to order online if you are not in the US, otherwise any hardware store will have them.

I did the 6 and 9. I really like the 6 ball version. The 9, not quite as much. I'll be making a lot more of these.

Thanks! Try the 10, the 9 was my least favorite also but I've had 3 Mazda rotary powered cars so wanted to make a rotor shape.

Can I sell these for profit?

You can sell your physical object but not the design itself.

Thank you for this. Much appreciated.

Is there anyway I could get the dimensions to try and design my own.

They are 1/2 inch loose steel ball bearings available at most any hardware store in the USA. If you are in a sensible country that uses the metric system you will probably have to order online to get 1/2" size.