Amiga 500 Gotek USB disk drive emulator base

by _CrazyBob_ Feb 9, 2017
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Thanks for the files, I just made one :-)
But it seems this mount doesn't fit all A500 cases.

Apparantly the case with the large "Commodore A500" has an drive opening differing from the case with the square "C=" logo.
Please see this image:


I'm not quite sure if one of my case was modified by the last owner, so can someone config my observations?

I've got the square C= logo A500 version, and it fits my case just fine.

Hi there. First of all thanks for the effort and well done.

I have ordered several of these :http://www.ebay.com/itm/301976968423
Which I believe this applies to standard gotek (not the new flash ones you mentioned recently)
Also I would like to know if your 3D files in this version are compatible with all A500 models as I have seen somewhere that certain models have different floppy eject slot design.

Thanks in advance and keep it up!

I believe this 3D model can interfere with some A500 cases which have fins on the inside of the A500 top case cover.
It was a trade-off, I wanted the 7-segment display to be visible, enough space for most USB connectors/memory sticks and still able to access the buttons.

The new design which will include support for the FlashFloppy Oled display doesn't have these clearance issues.
Plan is to release these before the end of October.

Any progress on the new design? ;-)

Unfortunately I keep on having printing problems and therefore can't prototype correctly.
I will finish the new design but at the moment I can't make any promisses .....

Update on the progress? ;-)

New version has just been released: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2745049

Amiga 500 Gotek USB bracket v2 - FlashFloppy OLED

Really like the design and have printed it for several friends, now there is a new player in gotek town, flashfloppy, and this firmware also supports the 128x32 oled display which works without any hardware modifications! Looks great and I want to upgrade to this.
Do you have any plans of making this design but then with a windows (and maybe holder) for the 128x32 oled displays?

Great to hear the bracket works for you and your friends!
Yes, I'm currently working on a new model which is easier / faster to print and uses less material in combination with the oled display.
Goal is to have a finished product before the end of October for the A500/600/1200.
New Gotek drives are on it's way, and at the moment I'm updating my 3D printer.

Would there be openscad file available if I wanted to move card a little bit left to get usb port exposed better in the middle of drive slot?

Hi, at the moment I'm not releasing the OpenSCAD files, this might change in the future but for now this is the final design.
When creating the frame I was also looking at viewability of the 7-segment display.

Hi, looks like a great design. I'm not too familiar with Gotek, and available components. I've mostly found cased units like this one http://amigakit.leamancomputing.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=1284

But from what I have read it is not the best to build internally. Is there a source to buy just the PCB? Or is the idea to take out the PCB from a unit like in the link and insert it into the 3d printed cradle?

Thanks for your help!

Hello, the idea is to buy a Gotek drive complete with case. This way you have all the screws needed to bolt it down on the 3D printed bracket.
I believe the Gotek drives are only sold complete with case.

The AmigaKit version is already programmed, which makes it easy to install it directly on this 3D base.

Or you can program the drive yourself following these instructions:
You have to buy a Gotek floppy drive from places like Ebay for around 17 euro's. USB programmer for around 3 euro.

I'm using Gotek drives for several years now and they are working great. Sometimes when writing data to the disk it doesnt't work properly.

Another possibility is to program the Gotek drive with the HxC firmware which fully supports reading and writing. (I haven't experimented with it yet)

Note: for the A500 the diskdrive cables can be a bit short. It works but it might be necessary to get longer cables (internally)

Thanks for the reply! Yeah, I read up on the HxC and Gotek versions earlier today, but the Gotek can be flashed to HxC if needed. I've just ordered an amigatek gotek with USB stick pre-programmed. Should be plug and play for the most part. Once I get it working I'll see about installing it properly :)

Small update: I've decreased the disk drive button width 0.25mm on the left side.

Thanks! Just ordered one :)

Great, thanks for the interest!
I haven't used the printing service yet, if you can please share the results. :-)

Finally got around to fitting this yesterday. GREAT design, and overall I was happy with the printing service. I had to file a very small amount from the display aperture (i'm talking a tiny amount), and I could probably do with taking a little off the edges of the eject button (which I see you modified in a later model) but didn't. I used the cylinders and screwed into them, but a bit of hot-glue may have been better just to give a little play. It's a very tight fit, and the existing drive and power cables are stretched to their limit, so I may replace them with the longer ones I was using when the GOTEK was outside of the case. These are not issues with the build though, obviously! I'm really, really pleased with the cradle - thanks so much for designing it, and I'd say as long as anyone doesn't mind a bit of filing to get rid of any rough edges, the printing service is good.

Many thanks you for your feedback, it's great to know how people are experiencing this.
Awesome that you've shared the pictures !
My 3D printer is currently being repaired, when it's back I will improve and finalize the design where it's needed.

Many thanks and enjoy the Gotek bracket !

Thank you .. going to give this a try right now!

That's great, if you can please share the results :-)
It took close to 6 hours to print on the Ultimaker 2.

2hrs print time at 0.2mm layer height on a CraftBot in PLA ..

I had to shave the eject button a little but that could be due to a slight bit of warpage with my A500s case.. but otherwise worked like a glove.. Thank you for making this!

Looks great!
Thank you for sharing :-)

2hrs of printing is very fast, I will experiment with the printer settings a bit more. I believe the 'Normal' setting for the UM2 is 0.1mm layer height.

Just out of curiosity, which part of the eject button did you need to shave?

I was printing around 100mm/s (normal speed for the craftbot) 0.2 is medium quality .. I sliced with (old) CURA 15.02.1

I did a little bit of sanding around the bottom and left side of the button .. just a bit, my case might have a slight warp since it had been empty in storage for a while so it could be the case and not the design (it could also be a little due to the overhang/support I used as well) .. once sanded a bit it fit just fine.

Thanks for the feedback!