Dominion Strike Force (15mm scale)

by dutchmogul Feb 9, 2017
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Do any of these awesome guys have PDF files for Pocket Tactics? ;)

G-demit your stuff is AWESOME!

Hey Dutchmogul,
Trying to print the Arcanist in 28mm,
first one was perfect (but got stolen when I left it to cool off)
Second one had the staff pushed out of position when it printed the arm.
Hopefully third times the charm.

Really lovely models and good, if soft detail.

Ah, one more question: do you ever print your humanoid figures with FDM printers anymore? I'm using a Printrbot Simple Metal, and I always find it awkward to print models that come attached to a base; I generally end up mesh-mixing them to have the base and model separate, so that I don't have support material trapped in between the two.

If you've got advice on printing these guys (and some of your other similarly-designed models, if I recall correctly), I'd appreciate it, since it's clear you have a methodology in mind while you're designing them but I haven't nailed my own approach down yet.

Thanks again!

I do in 18mm scale, but we generally get the best results printing them split in half and gluing them together. That retains the most detail, if you don't mind a seam, and if I'm not bothering to paint it, the seam doesn't bother me. I think of them more like plastic army men than "miniatures." We love playing with those though, because there's no pressure (you don't have to worry about things breaking/paint chipping). But, I do love playing with our painted 15mm and 28mm models too.

OK, so if one of your models has files with the "split in halves" approach, those are already optimized for FDM to some degree, whereas other file types should need a bit more work to make work cleanly. Good to know!

Ah, yeah. Sometimes I remember to put that in the print settings area, but I'm not great about that. Haha. But yeah, we split almost all of our 18mm figures (aside from a few that actually print standing without support).

Hello dutchmogul,

I'm curious, what's the difference between your "18mm" and "15mm" models? Is there actually a scaling factor in play, or is it just a matter of naming conventions? I know that even "15mm" scale models can vary wildly (many of them actually being closer to 18mm than 15mm), just curious what conventions you're sticking to and whether they are indeed two distinct scales.


Good question. Yeah, there's definitely a distinction. I use the "height to eyeline of an average human model" method, which seems to be the most common (and has really silly, arcane origins). The 15mm stuff I generally print in resin (for human-like characters) and I fully paint all of that. The 18mm scale stuff is a bit bigger, and we color code those by filament, don't bother to paint them. These are the models we toss in a box and use on RPG nights, and it's sort of the sweet spot I found for print time-detail ratio.

"silly, arcane" definitely describes how miniature scales are handled... Precise scaling factors like 1:72 or 1:144 are really how it should be done, but all too often even models using those systems aren't consistent...

Good to know that your 15mm and 18mm scales are, indeed, actually distinct; I'll make sure to compensate for that when matching scales between models.

So silly, and people end up interpreting it to mean something else (hence the gradual scale creep). We thought about starting fresh, which is sort of what we did with our 18mm stuff (we almost called it "PT Scale," for "Pocket- Tactics) but I want to be able to use my 15s and 28s with all that industry standard stuff. That was important to me.

You could work out what scale industry 15mm and 28mm actually are, adhere to that scale, but then lock it in as 1:60 (or whatever it actually is) or "PT Scale" or whatever you like? Basically, use "their scale" and keep compatibility, but then redefine it precisely with less subjective criteria than the "height to eyeline of an average human model" method.

I totally see the importance of sticking to industry norms (I'm just about to start using some 15mm Khurasan minis with your designs, after all...), but I can't help but think that "15mm" and "28mm heroic" should both move to functionally identical but better defined scaling criteria.

In any case, thanks for all your work! Always nice to log on here and see more of your models in my feed.

I have to think that others have tried (and failed) in this endeavor, haha. Bottom line, as long as I can use my stuff with Khurasan/Splintered Light, et cetera, or with Reaper/Warhammer, I'm good. Honestly, I do a lot more eyeballing of designs next to existing miniatures than anything.

You're very welcome!