Nikon F-Mount Pinhole Lens

by kovo Apr 7, 2012
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Pin hole cameras are used a lot in model photography, like model railroads. The infinite depth of field gives the photograph a very real appearance.

I didn't know that, but it makes sense. Thanks for comment!

OK, just made one of these. Works, but somewhat difficult to fit.
Printed in PLA black to avoid internal reflections and works great.

A few things:

  • The diameter of the outer ring should be 58mm instead of 60mm
  • Some wall thickness are difficult to figure out (they're all safe but are they optimal ?)
  • The height of the outer ring cannot be zero - this is annoying when trying to couple this with your own design for ring
  • Deprecated use of child() in oscad
  • Some of the rings available on the original adapters do not appear in the design (their height is very small and they likely play no important role in getting the adapter to fit though)

I hope this feedback is useful,

thx for providing this !

It would be interesting to

Looks like you could have better results if you reduced the glossy finish of the black ABS (black cardboard?) in the inside to avoid light reflections.

Good job! I like it!!

I used PLA, which I think is a little shinier than ABS. But you are quite right, a less reflective material inside would be a lot better.

Hmm, I don't get it - what's the benefit of a pin-hole lens like this?

There really isn't a benefit for visible light images like this, beyond aesthetics and photography fun. Pinhole lens have very large depths of field, but they tend to be blurry. But it is a neat, physicsy way to make an image.

At very short (e.g. x-ray) wavelengths, there are not many ways of forming images, since ordinary lenses don't work. But pinholes continue to form images, and are often used for that purpose. However, I have my doubts you could get enough x-ray flux conveniently to form an image on a commercial CC

I personally like to process the film however, I do see all the benefits of pinhole cameras without the need of having to do the "difficult" part.