by FalcoV Feb 10, 2017
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I love this idea - I might modify it a little if I may? For the lighting I'd probably use a USB / LED lightstrip as opposed to a globe, and for the walls HD glass or acrylic would work better for a more permanent unit. Otherwise, great design - I've been pondering a mod on some of my mini greenhouses, but this is even better for keeping the cats out across extended grow periods!

I totally agree with you that acrylic or glas would work better, but I was on a budget at that time. The LED strip you propose does not seem like a good idea, because I really need a growlight for my peppers. Otherwise, thanks for the feedback.

In the future I might make a second version!

Apologies, I'm talking LED strip grow lights - they're actually pretty decent, I used them propagating my Rheza Macedonia and Buena mulata this year. I wouldn't keep them as the sole light source, but they're awesome for supplements (and to prevent lean) and pretty cheap on ebay

That makes sense. I would like to make my own LED board with highpowered LED in the correct spectrums for my next propogator. It will probably be made out of wood and acrylic (and maybe some printed parts)

I'll keep you posted!

I'm printing one of these out now, will post when its finished. Any idea on how many of each part I should print?

I've put the numbers of parts in the part name, as you can see.

Good luck!

You'll probably need some adjusting and sanding like i had to do, but i'm curious about your results.

what are the propogator_-_Deurachterkant-1 and propogator-_Hang_raam-1 used for? I cant seam to figure out how to attach them

Those parts where intended for the door and front cover, but i did not use them as well.

However your color combination looks awesome! Good luck with your plants!

Hello sir, I printed out the parts with the numbers as you have said but it seams the large guide rods that connect to the base you only print 2 one with the hinge and one without. Also how did you print the door? With the knob on the front it is hard to find a flat surface to place on the print bed. Thanks again for the wonderful design

I've printed one rod with a hinge and 3 without. The hinges are a bit hard to print, and I managed to connect the door with a skewer. As the skewer didn't fit at first, I used some metal parts and heated them, to melt the plastic, to enlarge the holes in the hinges.

The door is also a bit tricky to print because of the knob, but i havn't had any problem printing that part.

Hope you'll succeed printing! I'm curious about the result!